Style Your Home Exteriors With The Roof Designing Ideas And Tips

A well-constructed house needs a beautiful roof design that will enhance your house’s aesthetics. A roof is the central and topmost part of your house, which helps you from the sun, rain, wind, and snow. It has a vital role in making your home most durable, energy-efficient, and weatherproof. A house roof can be designed in several styles, shapes, colors, and different materials; you only need to select a good design for your house roof. 

Four Incredible and Stylish Roof Designs

Selecting a good roof design depends on your area’s climate condition, the theme of your house, etc. You should have proper knowledge about “how to pick the best roof color for your home”. Some of the famous roof designs are explained below:

  1. Sloping Roof Design 

This slanted roof design protects your house from heavy rain and snowfall. In addition, this diagonal design helps flow the water down and protects the home from waterlogging. Traditionally, these roofs are popular in Goa and Kerala, where the rainwater could quickly accumulate and cover the top from structural and moisture damage. In addition, these sloped roofs can provide your house with extra storage or living space. 

  • Butterfly Roof Design 

The butterfly roof is generally a V-shaped design that resembles a butterfly’s wings. Two downwards slopes create this, and they join near their middle part. This design is beautiful and is generally famous in many countries. Using this design, one can have higher walls in their house if they like an extra amount of sunlight; not only this, this design allows one to collect rainwater in the center area in a specialized designed tank.

  • Gable Roof Design

Gable refers to the triangle-shaped spot constructed when two areas join at the roof’s top. It is a popular roof design in India, and this is easy to build. It allows the easy drainage of water and provides proper ventilation. These roofs are generally constructed to protect your house from tropical climate conditions and provide shade. In addition, the Gable roof style creates more space in the home in the top story space form. 

  • Flat Roof Design

The flat roof designs are also called terrace roofs. These terrace roofs generally have small slopes at their ends for easy water drainage. These roofs can turn into green roofs, garden patios, or solar panel roofs with the help of Garden Tools. The flat roof also provides the house with reasonable space in urban areas. However, these are not suitable for heavy rainfall or snowfall areas.

Tips For Selecting A Right Roof Design For Your House

  • It would help if you chose software for selecting a roof type.
  • Remember that your roof design should match the exterior of the house, and also it should match the architectural design of your home.
  • Choose a roof type for your house according to your area’s climate condition. Many the roof types are better for sustaining heat, and others are better for shedding rainwater.

You should choose a good roof design according to your area’s climate conditions and consider that your roof design should match your house’s exterior.