This call back post will provide all details about the latest event.

Did you hear about the new free fire event? The game has just added the call-back function to free fire. This new feature was launched by free fire and is very popular in India. This Callback post will help you to understand the game’s features.

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Why is a callback feature trendy?

The most used feature of free fire is the call back option. Garena fire’s call-back feature is available once per month on all servers. This feature is popular because it offers players various rewards. Different diamond royale vouchers are available depending on how many friends gamers call back. It is, for example, one diamond voucher per friend and three for five friends.

Sugarom Call-Back Event

Let’s explain the basics of the call back option for new gamers. Free fire offers a call back option that allows gamers to invite friends to the game. Only people who haven’t played the game in the last month can be invited to the game. Gamers can receive a variety of rewards after completing this call-back.

Call back event: Steps

These are the steps required to complete the callback event

  • Step 1 Login to the free firegame. Keep reading to learn more about call back
  • Step 2 Gamers must invite their friends who haven’t played free fire in the past month. Gamers can send the invitation link to their friends via social media platforms
  • Step 3 Once all of the friends have been gathered, the gamers can plan and win the game.

Learn more about Free fire

Free fire is a mobile battle-game. It was created by 111dots Studio, a Vietnamese company. It’s available for both android and apple. It was the most downloaded mobile game in 2019. It has set new records in games since then. Call back is the most used feature of free fire. It currently has around 150 million active users per day. Every month, it launches new events. This is a field game where around 50 players are placed on an island and search for weapons to kill others. There are many modes of free fire, including clash squad and battle royale.


We can conclude this post by saying that the free fire call-back event is very exciting for gamers because it offers a lot rewards. This page will provide more information about the event.

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