Summerbreezze Reviews :- Is SummerBreezze.com Legit?

Do you want to purchase a multipurpose fan for summer? Summerbreeze.com offers a portable, foldable multipurpose fan. You can adjust the fan’s height so it can be used outdoors or indoors. Summerbreeze.com also featured two other items. Do you want to purchase such unique products online from the Netherlands area?

We recommend that you read Summerbreezze Review before buying.


Summerbreezze.com, a brand new website, is suspicious. Summerbreezze is a website that offers high-quality products at low prices. It strives to offer the highest quality products that meet the needs of its customers.

Summerbreezze claims it is related to portable fans and focuses on providing the best and most friendly customer service. Its mission statement can be copied from many websites and could also be used to refer to other types of products and services.

Summerbreezze.com didn’t mention its email address, contact number or Identity of owners, making it suspicious. It is sold:

  1. Parachute swing
  2. Compression knee sleeves,
  3. Summerbreezze portable fan.

Features determining Is Summerbreezze Legit:

  • Buy household utilities at: https://summerbreezze.com.
  • Social media Links:unspecified at the SummerBreezze Domain.
  • Prices: Starts at $14.95
  • Terms & Conditions:not available on SummerBreezze.com
  • Privacy policy:not stated.
  • SummerBreezze supports customer blogs and reviews.customer reviews can be found at SummerBreezze.
  • FAQ and Help: available on SummerBreezze.
  • Phone/Whatsapp number:unspecified at SummerBreezze.
  • Store locator: SummerBreezze.com did not featured store locator.
  • Address:excluded from SummerBreezze’s contact page.
  • Delivery PolicySummerBreezze ships orders in five to twenty days.
  • Shipping Policy: It takes 3 days for SummerBreezze.com to process an order.
  • Tracking: customer can track their order from their account and at https://summerbreezze.com/apps/tracktor/.
  • Cancellation Policy:not specific.
  • Return Policy not present
  • Summerbreezze Review Restocking Fee:unspecified on SummerBreezze
  • Policy on Refunds: Not mentioned.
  • Exchange:not listed on SummerBreezze.
  • Email Address:excluded from contact us page.
  • Payment Method:SummerBreezze.com takes USD payments using Amex, ApplePay and DinnersClub.
  • Newsletters: Published by SummerBreezze.


  • Summerbreezze offers high-quality products at great discounts
  • summerbreezze.com offers free shipping
  • Summerbreezze contains detailed product specifications and images.


  • Summerbreeze.com’s poor inventory control and logic allows customers to order unlimited quantities of the same item.
  • Summerbreezze.com’s user interface is poor with all products on a single page. This is a negative highlight in Summerbreezze Review
  • Summerbreeze.com does not provide specific information about a number of policies or order-related information.
  • Summerbreeze does not offer product categories, searching, filtering, sorting or sorting.
  • It is difficult to reach customer service because the contact number, email, and physical address are not specified.
  • Summerbreezze features only three products, and does not specialize in any one product line.

Is SummerBreezze.com Legit?

  • SummerBreezze Creation: 13 July 2022 at 01:37:38
  • Age Of SummerBreezze:thirty-days old.
  • SummerBreezze.com last updated 13 July 2022 at 1 :37:43
  • SummerBreezze.com expiry: 13 July 2023 at 11:37:38
  • SummerBreezze Life Expectancy:expires in eleven months. This is used to verify Is Summerbreezze Legal?
  • Trust Index SummerBreezze has achieved a horrible 2% trust index.
  • Business RankingSummerBreezze.com achieved a lower-than-average rank of 42.6%
  • Contact person:unspecified at the website.
  • Registration: The domain is registered in Canada by SummerBreezze.
  • Status SSL:its IP has an SSL certificate for the next 59 day.
  • Status: No blacklisting engines have been blacklisted SummerBreezze.com.
  • Social relations: SummerBreezze does not appear on social media.
  • SummerBreezze.com uses a secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Threat Profile40%
  • Phishing Score20%
  • Malware Score40%
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 5%.
  • Spam Score0%
  • Contact information and identity of the owner:summerbreezze.com used internet censorship to hide contact information and Identity.

Customers Summerbreezze Reviews:

It is suspected that summerbreezze.com has been spoofed by three reviews on websites and one YouTube review. Summerbreezze.com has a zero Alexa rank.

All product reviews on summerbreeze.com are positive and rated higher than 4.5/5 stars. These product reviews are false and untrue. should learn more about PayPal diddles to avoid being scammed. summerbreezze.com accepts PayPal payments.


Summerbreezze.com received a low trust score and Alexa rank. summerbreezze.com was ranked below average in the business rankings. Summerbreezze.com also scored well on suspicion, malicious and threat profiles. There were no customer reviews that confirmed receiving a shipment from summerbreezze.com. Summerbreezze Review conclude that this is a suspicious website. therefore, find out about credit card frauds to avoid online scams. summerbreezze.com accepts credit card payments.