Super Junior 8 Grand Finale  Super Junior HTML8 Grand Finale In brief

Do you like watching reality TV shows on weekends? You should be familiar with Super singer junior 8, a popular reality singing show. Reality TV has become a popular way to entertain your family and friends.

It is a well-known Worldwide. Just 26 June 2022, the grand finale of season 8 aired on televised. We will also discuss the Super Junior 8 grand finale in detail. For more information, please visit the blog.

Information about the Grand Finale for Super Singer Junior 8?

On 26 June 2022, Super Singer Junior 8 held its grand finale. Vijay TV aired the show at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. The event was very popular and fans waited eagerly for it to begin.

Five singers made it to the final Kishaang (Neha, Rihana), Trinita, Trinita, and Afina. Kishaang, who has been in the spotlight since the beginning, was awarded the title of Super Singer junior.

Super Junior HTML8 Grand Finale In brief

On 19 December 2021, the famous reality singing program began. The extraordinary talent that was discovered during this season made it a very popular one. The show was hosted and presented by Ma ka Pa Anand and Priyanka Dashpande.

The judges, anchors and finalists gave many heartfelt performances one by one. It was a great show, with many stars attending the finale.

Super singer junior season 8

The season kicked off with a bang. Twenty participants were selected by Rowdy, Team Baby, and Don Dada. For the upcoming finale , the Super Junior 8 Grand Finale was a hot topic on social media. The winners and runners-up received very generous prizes.

The trophy and the winner get 60 lakhs rupees house. Rihana, the first runner, was awarded prize money of 55,000 rupees. 3 lakhs rupees was given to Rihana, the third runner.

What is the reason this show is so popular on social media?

People were excited from the beginning about the show. It became one of the most watched reality television shows. The audience has been buzzing about the ending of season 8 on the show Super Junior 8.

The finale’s promo and teaser have generated enough buzz to make it a big hit.

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Final summary

Many people have shared their opinions on the winner and other contestants throughout the show. However, the most popular name was kishaang and he became the winner.

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