This article will explain what Superindo Annual deals you might have seen on your social media profiles that involve the highest prize amount.

Do you find shopping at supermarkets easy? Do you know the most popular supermarkets in your area? If not, then you should have a look at the biggest supermarket chain in the country. Therefore, you should take the time to read the article to find the necessary details.

We’ve included information about the most popular grocery store located in Indonesia within this report. People in the country are eager to know the most recent discounts recently. So, read on to answer your questions and find out more about Superindo’s anniversary.

What is the reason people are searching for the anniversary of Super Indo?

Numerous customers have reported recently having received Super Indo offers on their social media accounts. The messages say the fact that Super Indo is giving out special offers for the 25th anniversary of its founding. According to the image of the offer that customers need to answer a survey to have a chance to win 5000000 Rupiah.

Some other screenshots show that customers have claimed this deal to be real. They thanked the team for their help and advertised the deal via social media. A customer also wrote that she believed the Superindo Anniversary was a prank however it was actually the truth.

Because these deals are too appealing to be real A lot of customers were skeptical about the claims. When this information was brought to the attention Super Indo Super Indo, the authorities looked into the issue. They confirmed via an announcement made on 12 April 2022, that these transactions are fraudulent.

Super Indo’s Super Indo team stated that they do not inform their customers about their agendas via the social networks. They also asked customers to reach out to Super Indo in the event they have any doubt. They’ve provided details of the contact numbers of the customer support team along with the announcement.

What Can Superindo Year-End Offers Deceived Customers?

Super Indo is a popular supermarket chain in Indonesia. This means that it has a huge customers who frequently browse through its many stores. Fraudsters are aware of appeal that is Super Indo and thus misuse it to deceive customers.

The customers might think that such huge supermarket chains might offer limited-time offers for promotions. But, as per the official announcement from Super Indo Super Indo team, these are fake offers. Additionally, it’s obvious that the customers’ comments confirming these offers are also fraudulent.

Is Super Indo Actually Celebrate Its anniversary?

The company’s supermarket was celebrating their 20th Superindo anniversary on August 11, 2017. The entire staff members gathered together to honor their dedication to the company since 1997. The venue of the celebration was Menara Bidakara 1 in South Jakarta. The company hasn’t yet made any announcements regarding limited-time deals for its 2022 anniversary. Additionally, the anniversary is on the 11th of August, and isn’t yet a reality this year.


Super Indo is the largest chain of supermarkets in Indonesia. They offer their customers discounts, but only in their locations. They don’t promote any lucrative deals through social media. So, the most recent Superindo anniversary messages that shoppers received on social media are a scam.

Have you received any such promotions through your social media account? Tell us about it below.