Swap Summer Tokens  How do I get Summer Tokens?

Are you intrigued by the tokens offered by a popular football game? Want to find out how to unlock these tokens? Continue reading to learn more about the reward announcement.

The promotional reward offered by FIFA 22 is a delight for football gamers worldwide. The Swap Summer tokens reward system was introduced to encourage more gamers to the platform. Let’s learn more about the reward tokens and the benefits that token holders enjoy.

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps

Summer Swaps is a promotion program for FIFA 22 gamers. This program was launched on the 24th of June 2022. To exchange for a reward, the player can use the tokens they have earned.

A player can only get 50 tokens. The reward program ends on 25 July 2022. The player must fulfill various gaming objectives in order to earn the tokens. Learn more about How to Earn Summer Swap Tokens.

How do I get Summer Tokens?

  • To be eligible for Summer Token rewards, the user will need to log in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.
  • Once the challenge is successfully completed, tokens are given to the player.
  • At the time of logging into, the user receives the first token for summer.
  • The player must complete the Shapeshifters Challenge 5 SBC to earn the second token of summer.
  • All the gaming challenges on the platform must be completed in order to earn all 50 tokens. All challenges have different expiry dates.

Swap Summer Tokens

  • Based on the reward table, players can choose their reward. The reward value varies from one up to forty.
  • The user can get rewards with the ’82+x25 Players Pack’ for one summer token. Two or three tokens can be used for the purchase of ’83+x25 Players pack’ and ’84+x25 Players pack’, respectively.
  • Four tokens are enough to get you ‘Icon Moments Schmeichel’
  • Five tokens are enough to get the ’85+x20 Players Pack’.
  • The reward value also rises with the increasing value of the tokens.

Top Summer Swaps Reward

  • The player who has collected 40 Swap summer tokens will be rewarded with the most valuable “Icon Moments Zidane”.
  • Players with 36 tokens receive 94+ Icon Moments Player Choose from 1 of 4 Player Options.
  • You can be rewarded with an icon Prime Ronaldinho if you have 33 tokens.
  • Totes EFIGS 96 can be rewarded to those who have 30 tokens.
  • Holders of 27 tokens will receive a Kimpembe Shapeshifters 95 OVR.


FIFA has increased the popularity of the Summer Swaps promotion by offering players the chance to earn up to 50 tokens. Players must collect their rewards by 25 July 2022. For more information, please click this link.

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