Tawjihi .com :- Uses for the website

The Tawjihi.com article details these two websites and their primary goals. They are intended to provide content for students and the general public.

Do you love to study? Did you know that your university can help you improve your personality and qualifications? The Moroccogovernment created an open-accessible platform that allows graduates to easily access information and transparently apply for public institutions.

Website analysis

Arabic words make the word “Tawjihi”, which is pronounced as “Tawjihi”. It is an Arabic word that means “guide”, so the website was created to help students and others. This website offers some educational guidance for students by displaying college degrees and the university’s name. However, clicking on the details will redirect to another website.

Analyse of legitimacy

  • The domain has not been purchased yet.
  • It was registered on May 21, 2002. The domain’s age is therefore 20 years.
  • It has a trust score 60%

It might look legit, but the trust score doesn’t indicate that it is.

Tawjihi .Ma

Another website is Tawjihi. It is true to the original meaning of the word. It is a national educational website which guides and assists people in obtaining admission to public universities for higher education. This interactive website simulates the application process for a bachelor’s degree to enroll at public universities.

Only baccalaureate recipients are eligible to apply. Foreign candidates may also be eligible to enroll in public universities, such as higher schools of technology, faculties and science and technology and national schools art and design. Students can use the website to help them in their academic year (2022 – 2023)

Uses for the website

The Tawjihi.com website focuses on two topics: accounting software and business finance software. This website has been around for 20 years and will soon expire. They haven’t provided any quality information to the public. This website has been deemed unsafe and unsecure by some of the most prominent website legitimacy score-checkers.

The Tawjihi ma website offers comprehensive information about the application process and eligibility criteria. There is also a student FAQ section. They have taken care of Moroccan citizens as well as foreign candidates. Every candidate must provide information about their nationality on the website.

Similar term

Tawjihi.com claims it is one of the most reliable sources of information. However, they only have random university websites like Canada University and some local websites. Everyone remembers the secondary level exam that is held in Palestine and Jordan, even though they call themselves “tawjihi”. This is the final exam stage for school students in that country.


If you’re a Moroccan baccalaureate who wants to study at a university of high education, do not mix Tawjihi com and another website ending with “ma”. This website helps you find reputable institutions. The Tawjihi website does not relate to Tawjihi exam. It is completely separate from the education programs and exams. This website is not real and people need to be more aware of this. More information.

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