For our health , eating well is essential. It is also true for our skin , which takes advantage of the advantages of our food and then it shows. This is stated by experts in dermatology .

Because not everything is about taste or knowing to what extent everything we consume is healthy, although it is still important. dermatology is too.

In the health of our skin, we understand that it is necessary to know how to develop maximum care, because many other things depend on that treatment.

There are foods that help you make your skin brighter and healthier or prevent diseases. But that will always depend on how seriously you take your diet.

Ten foods that work

And it is that the natural calls the natural and that the skin notices. That is why nutritionists specializing in dietetics recommend some foods for our skin.

The great antioxidant properties are the main reason why there are several foods that make it seem that we have the key to the fountain of youth.

Improving our complexion and slowing down skin aging is essential to continue believing in firm and cared skin.

We leave you a series of foods for you to include in your diet and notice how your skin is recovering its best tone.

  1. Fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel have a lot of fatty acid omega 3 that help our skin to be supple and hydrated.
  2. Avocado is another of the best answers that we can get thanks to its properties, which protect your skin from sun damage.
  3. Then there are walnuts, whose fatty acids are also essential and the skin acts as a barrier to external agents.
  4. Red pepper is one of the best representatives of vitamin C , but it also has vitamin A . Reduces the risk of wrinkled skin that age gives.
  5. In fifth place is broccoli, increasingly present in our dishes. Contains vitamins and very important minerals for health such as zinc or vitamins A and C.

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