The Best Designer Lehenga Trends for Indian Weddings in 2022

House of Indya carries a large collection of luxury designer lehengas for Indian weddings to suit your style and taste. If you know what style, colour, or design you want, head straight to our website. Let’s bring your dream look to life. Else, if you are looking for inspiration and the latest trends in designer lehengas, read on (we have a lot in store!).

Designer Lehengas need no introduction! 

Wondering why?

Well, a designer lehenga is not just any dress. It is an emotion, a work of art that complements your personality and reflects your taste.

It’s not just about being the most beautiful bride in the room. But, more about making your D-Day dreams true. Choose from traditional Indian embroidery, modern cuts, offbeat trends, dreamy pastel tones, and all the gorgeous colours in between!

Some of the most Trending Designer Lehenga Styles in 2022:

A-Line Lehenga or the Anarkali Silhouette: is a classic. It is perfect for highlighting your curves and adding a dash of class to any event. Its cut or silhouette will not only accentuate your curves but will also show off your amazing figure as well as the gorgeous waist.

Straight-Cut Lehenga: This lehenga style features a modern slit that falls straight on the floor, adding an elegant touch to this stunning attire. This cut is perfect for those who want a head-turning attire with little or no effort.

Flared Cut Lehenga: These stunning designer lehengas are perfect for you- if you have a long and lean figure. Your curves will be accentuated with these flared-cut lehengas while maintaining your natural body shape.

Vibrant and Bold hues: The go-to Indian wedding colour is Red (and trust us, we love it too!). But, modern Indian women love to strike a balance between conventional and off-beat colour choices. In fact, luxury lehenga designers and celebrity bridal weddings have been boosting this idea. The top trending colour choices in this category are purple, burnt orange, turquoise blue, yellow etc.

Opulent White and Ivory: lehengas have been a top bridal trend this season. If you want a royal ensemble but want to opt-out of pastels or regular bridal colours, white or ivory is meant for you. These colours also make for an excellent bride’s maid dress with an extra wow factor!

The Trail Saga: If you love taking risks, long lehenga trails are a must for you. They ooze sassy, regal vibes making you feel and look like a queen. This beats making a statement with dupattas or sleeves because not everybody can (or wants to) pull this off.

Flamboyant Prints: From Sabyasachi to Manish Malhotra to Anita Dogre, all have printed lehenga sets in their bridal couture. These stunner lehengas hit home when it comes to comfort, style, and effortless versatility (from engagement ceremonies to pre-wedding functions).

Matchy-match Monochromes: Monochromatic looks keep coming in fashion time and again. From runway fashion shows and street-style to bridal looks; matching monochromatic looks can be seen everywhere. They are effortless and super time-savers. Pair fun sneakers with your matching lehenga-choli set for an easy-breezy fashionista look.

Twirly Dramatic Can-Cans: What are Indian wedding outfits without pomp and flairs? Can-Cans add an extra layer to not just your lehengas but uplift the entire look. Go for materials such as chiffon and georgette; so that you dance your heart out with comfortable twirls.

The Intimate Weddings: Indian weddings are never complete without a long-guest list. But, the pandemic has altered this once and for all. Intimate wedding affairs have seen an unprecedented spike in the past two years. And there’s nothing that can beat the timeless OG colour- Gold. Luxury Golden Lehengas and gold embroidered dupattas add dreamy-whimsical vibes to any intimate wedding.

Sneak peek into a few Indya Luxe Designer Lehengas.

They are absolutely stunning and worth a lot more than what they are priced at!

Say it with a contrast: 

All about sass: 

Best Designer Lehenga set for Bride’s maid: 

House of Indya offers a large selection of Indian wedding dresses and sarees for Indian weddings (from intimate to big-fat weddings).

We offer the quality you deserve!

We know that quality is everything, which is why we make sure to offer the best of the best. All our lehenga sets are handcrafted by expert designers. The designs are intricate, tasteful and inspired by timeless beauty. While the fabrics we use are luxurious and soft that come in a variety of hues to suit the range of Indian skin tones.

Pro Tips to keep in mind while shopping for a Designer Lehenga:

Try first– don’t buy in a haste, you will regret it later.

Don’t underestimate these two- dupatta and Indian jewellery. They can make or break any look.

Blouse and sleeve designs– explore your options to find the most flattering blouse and sleeve designs for your body type. Think off-shoulder, backless, scoop-neck, plunging V-neckline blouses and embroidered, ruffled, embroidered full sleeves, and cape sleeves.

Pay attention to the type of embroidery, embellishments and prints on the lehenga sets.

Budget: draw a clear line before starting your Indian outfit shopping. This will not only save your money but a lot of time as well.

Grab your chance at grandeur!

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