Taking Skills for Granted


The Danger of Taking Skills for Granted

Oral communication skills, Skills for Granted

All of us are born with a certain skill set. As we grow older, we learn to start using these skills so that they enhance our ability to perform certain tasks. As a matter of fact many, if not most of us have inherent skills that lie dormant until we learn to use them. However, just because we are born with certain talents and skills doesn’t mean that they will always remain the same. Here, it is pertinent to note that the principle of ‘use it or lose’ applies and if we take our skills for granted, it is an almost axiomatic assumption that we will end up losing them. Let us see how we too can go about overcoming the dangers of taking our skills for granted:

  • Oral communication skills

Many people are born with a flair for public speaking. These people are very articulate and can easily make themselves seen and felt by the people around them. They can get their ideas across quite easily and they also motivate others to see their point of view as well. However, not bothering to speak or returning simple conversational openings with monosyllabic answers both online and offline, will automatically lead to a steady degradation of your skills. If you allow it to continue for long enough, you just might end up losing them altogether!

  • Physical dexterity

There are so many people who struggle to become even rudimentary athletes. For example, they will be able to play baseball and basketball with equal ease. Not to mention several other sports as well. However, just because they have the ability and the skillset does not mean that they will become successful ballplayers in their own right. For example, being naturally dexterous and able to pluck a ball out of midair may be all well and good. But until and unless you continue to hoe your skills to a razor’s edge it is unlikely that you will be able to derive any mileage from your skills. Without the right motivation and training, it is only a matter of time before your skills atrophy into nothingness.

  • Don’t underestimate the seminal importance of both learning and career development

It is impossible not to overemphasize the importance of learning and career development when it comes to keeping your skills polished for both your professional as well as personal life. Here, you can easily do the needful by attending all kinds of different training and programs such as PMP Certification Training courses. Such programs will go a long way in increasing your efficacy in the corporate world so that you will be able to not only join the rat race but actually come out on top as well. However, for such courses to be effective, you will have to take refreshers, as and when required. 

  • A flair for music

Some people are born tone-deaf. Conversely, many others can carry a tune as well as (if not even better) a songbird. This is pure talent per se. However, this talent can also be honed into the kind of skill that can help you become a rock star.  Here too, it is entirely up to you how you go about polishing your highly specific skill set.  If you don’t practice much, or consider practicing to be a patently useless chore, then it is quite likely that you will lose your distinctive talents and skills and quickly drop out of the limelight. However, it doesn’t have to be this way at all. Not if you take the time to practice and continue practicing until you become perfect at your musical abilities.

  • Commitment is the key to success

There is no doubt that just about all skills are entirely perishable. It is ultimately up to you to decide which skills can be safely discarded while others have to be polished till they shine.  Whichever skill you learn and practice the most with dedicated commitment, will never be in danger of being lost.

  • Conclusion

Skills are highly perishable and if you take them for granted, you might lose them altogether.  However, you can hold on to them by attending various programs such as PMP Certification Training courses.