The Guardian bells or the gremlin bells are seen hanging with the bikes. Especially, Harley Davidson must have a guardian bell hanged at its bottom side. It is believed that guardian bells are possessed with some good spirits that fight with the evil spirits, those who are willing to harm a person. This belief is as old as the bike itself. In early 90s, people began to look for Some magical way to reduce the number of accidents annually.  Then they got an old man in an old city who claimed that he had the bell that is possessed with some good spirits that eventually fight with the evil spirits that try to harm the person who is driving the bike. At first, nobody believed him but when they saw that hanging bell to the bottom frame of the bike actually reduces the number of accidents, they began to believe it.

Who Can Buy the Motorcycle Guardian Bell?

It was first noticed that the guardian bell did not work when a person bought it for himself. Another thing that was observed is that the guardian bell Worked well when somebody gifted it to his loved ones.  That was pretty much astonishing and people did not understand the logic behind it. But when the magician was asked, he said that the gremlin bell only works if a person gifts it to his loved ones. This is because the good spirits become even more powerful with the essence of love.  if a person buys it for himself, he may not experience the power and action of the guardian bells’ powerful spirits. The motorcycle guardian bell Should not be used by its buyer.  This will do no good in preventing the accident. The gesture of goodwill activates when a person gifts it to his loved one. If a person buys the gremlin bell for himself, he would not purchase it with the intense love and affection as a person who is going to buy for his loved one. This minor difference in the purchase of the bell effectively changes the intensity of love and the effectiveness. Therefore, it is recommended to use a bell that is gifted by someone. It is considered a lucky charm to hang such a bell that is gifted with love and pure affection. It has become a trend to gift guardian bells as their lucky charm to the one who has recently bought them. It is all about the game of love and affection that makes the Guardian bell work. Otherwise, it becomes of no use. 

Is Guardian Bell Suitable for All the Motorcycles?

The Guardian Bell motorcycle is seen mostly under the bottom frame of Harley Davidson. It is a gremlin bell that works on all models and types of bikes. The main purpose of this bell is to provide protection from the evil spirits and provide a safe and sound journey to the rider. Without discrimination of color, model, and size of the motorcycle, the guardian bell motorcycle works effectively. They are conventionally hung below the frame of the bike on the side which is near the road. It looks much like a pendant that can be easily hung anywhere on the bike but the bottom frame is the ideal place as it is near to the road. 

What Does the Gremlin Bell Means?

Gremlin bells or guardian bells are also called protective bells as they save the driver from accidents and save his life. Gremlin means good luck. These little guardian bells motorcycle brings the good luck with them. The evil spirits are said to be on the roads that attack person and welcome the calamity. They are the lucky charms of the bikers as they save them on roads and keep their journey pleasant and risk-free. One can hang as many motorcycle guardian bells as they want. 

Intricate Guardian Bells- Add to The Charm 

The Guardian Bell motorcycle has intricate work on it with words written on it such as love, charm, good luck, etc. These words are often considered as the lucky spells that empowers good spirits in their purpose. The motorcycle guardian bells come in various designs and sizes. 

The gremlin bells can be hung on different places on a bike. One can easily hang These bells with the keys is a key chain or with the engine. People are still confused about the working of these guardian bells or they do not believe in the existence of such a thing. But some of them have seen the clear difference between the rate of the accidents before and after the hanging of the guardian bell. These people have a strong believe in the effectiveness of the gremlin bell and so they do not forget to hang it on every bike they have.