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The magic mirror powder nail operation has four considerations

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The galglitter nail style has been occupying a small half of the nail market; few girls can refuse these bright elements, but the nail style with diamonds for daily life and some inconvenience, so the shiny magic mirror powder nail becomes the choice of many partners. remind yourself to avoid stepping on the pit.

But many nail technicians do not do the magic mirror powder nail effect is not ideal, not long enough, in fact, because in the nail operation did not pay attention to the use of magic mirror powder skills, the following Faye beauty education on this issue listed four magic mirror powder operation considerations, I hope it will help you.

The first one.

When stacking the magic mirror powder, do not apply only one layer; the magic mirror powder is a fine powder single only one layer of magic mirror powder will fall off faster, so a small area of

stacking, so the thickness is better, the color will also be full and uniform.

Second item.

When applying the magic mirror powder, do not have a large number of large flat areas so that the adhesion of the powder is not strong, and the overall effect of the main color will be different, easy to appear the phenomenon of nail layering, affecting the effect of the whole nail, need a small amount of stacked coating effect better.

Item three.

Do not use the magic mirror powder for wrapping operation because the nail magic mirror powder does not have adhesion, so it is not strong; wrapping the edge then will appear to fall off the phenomenon.

Fourth item.

In the choice of magic mirror powder, you should choose the magic mirror powder with the base color nail polish color similar or the same color, because the powder magic mirror powder does not have adhesion, even with reinforcing glue and sealing layer will have the phenomenon of falling off, when the shades of powder fall off two color difference is large, it will affect the overall nail art effect.

The whole nail magic mirror powder style delicate shiny, gradient magic mirror powder nail style fairy, but also magic mirror powder as a jumping color, combined with other colors and shiny metallic decoration is more fashionable and unique, such a way you can match a lot of different styles of nail style, which one do you like most above? Welcome to the comments collection Oh, galglitter wholesalers continue to share more good-looking nail styles and nail knowledge for you. Next time see you.