The Most Advanced Wearable Technology For Fitness Fans

Wearable technology has grown in leaps and bounds from the original smart watches and chunky jewellery that fitness fanatics used to keep track of things like heart rates, speed and distance covered. Nowadays, the wearable sports tech has grown to include sleeker choices such as wearable smart socks and smart sunglasses. 

These innovations listed are only the beginning of even more advanced wearables, and we can’t wait to see what future wearable technologies bring. 

Leomo Type R Cycling Coach

The Leomo Type R Cycling Coach is one of the top fitness trackers that uses movement metrics to rank performances. While it is the most finicky of the gadgets listed today, the five Bluetooth and type-R sensors you attach to yourself are small and lightweight. These sensors attach to the pelvis, thighs, and feet and work at 100 data points per second. They will record all the movements you make during your cycle, as well as keep track of power balance, cadence, speed and other metrics. This is then sent to a wearable display which you attach to your handlebar, so you can keep track of your current performance and make changes. 

Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants

Nadi X smart yoga pants are very distinctive, and great for yoga users who work out often at home. The yoga pants are embedded with sensors which track body movements and react to yoga poses with haptic vibrations to help correct posture and positioning in real time. This is a great way for yoga fans to ensure their positions are correct and will lead to less straining of incorrect muscles or overbalancing on trickier poses. 

Catapult Playr Smart Football Tracker

Catapult Playr Smart Football Tracker is great for those who would like to train and play just like their favourite FIFA stars. This FIFA-authorised wearable tracker sits in a vest worn during football games and will help to record the performances during matches. It tracks speed, distance, sprint, intensity, power and more which can be viewed on the accompanying app on your phone, much like you’d play keno online real money games on the go. It’s ideal to watch your heatmap and see how fast it is that you can really run when crunch time comes.

Smart Socks

Smart socks are a great investment since they tend to be more hidden from view than the average wearable tracker. With three sensors that are actually incorporated into the underside of the sock, it doesn’t get much more stealth than that. The trackers, which sit on each sock at the heel and at the ball of the foot, are also coded for ‘left’ and ‘right’ feet, so you can see each foot’s individual performance. A Bluetooth bracelet transmits the sensor’s data to the phone app for you to view later. It will show statistics such as pace, cadence, calories, distance, total steps, ascents and descents and speed. 

Sportiiii Sunglasses Mount

Those who want to view their full workout in front of their eyes will do well to invest in the Sportiiii sunglasses mount. This HUD works with any brand of sports glasses or sunglasses and will sync with many wearables and ANT+ devices as well as HR monitors. This data then is projected via LEDs in front of your very eyes, which allows competitive sports players and fitness fans to have real-time performance feedback while they’re on the move, anywhere, and any time. 

These wearables are the current top-rated ones around and will help fitness fanatics to have the chance to monitor and improve on their performances during their sports workouts and matches.