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The Most Popular Diamond Shapes and Cut of 2022

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Is your engagement due anytime soon? Are you planning to gift a diamond ring to your better half? Then you must plan well in advance to gift a unique shaped diamond ring to your partner. If not a diamond ring, you can gift a special diamond bracelet to your better half on your engagement day.

Whether it is a diamond ring or bracelet, you must think of a different shape to make it look special. We will further discuss the most popular shapes and cuts that you choose for diamond jewelry.

Differences Between Diamond Cuts and Shapes

Most of us look at the shape of diamond rings and bracelets while purchasing them from jewelry stores. We often do not look at diamond cuts in jewelry while purchasing a ring or pendant. So, it is necessary to know these two terms specifically.

The diamond shape is the outline of a diamond in jewelry. Some of the most common diamond shapes are squares, ovals, hearts, and rounds.

Now, we will look at the definition of a diamond cut. A diamond cut is different from a diamond shape. Diamond cut is the facet arrangement of stone. It is a diamond cut that makes diamonds look brighter. Diamond cuts add sparkle to diamond rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Popular Diamond Cuts and Shapes to Pick In 2022 

Diamonds have their own special characteristics. But the elegance of diamond jewelry enhances by its shapes and cuts. This section lists all the best cuts and shapes that you can choose for diamond rings, bracelets, or pendants.

1. Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamonds normally have a square shape. This is one of the most popular diamond cuts you will find in diamond rings, pendants, and earrings. Princess cut diamonds have a rich and ancient history. This cut also comes with flat sides and is available at cost-effective prices.

You can also get a princess cut in a rectangular shape in a diamond ring. Diamond rings with princess cuts can have several settings of your choice. They look elegant to gift to your partner on your special day.

2. Round Cut

The most common and popular cut in diamond rings is a round cut. Many couples normally choose a round-cut diamond ring for their engagement or wedding. Even brides love to wear round-cut diamond rings on their special days.

The round cut shows the beauty of diamonds more precisely. You can get two or-three stone settings in a round-cut diamond ring. The round cut is the best option for brides who love classical-styled weddings.

3. Cushion-Cut Diamonds

This diamond cut dates back to the 18th century and has gained popularity these days. The cushion cut is a combination of square and rectangular shapes. It also has a certain kind of round shape. These cuts have soft or rounded corners and sloped sides.

Cushion-cut diamonds look like a pillow. They add a lot of shine and sparkle to any diamond jewelry such as rings, pendants, and bracelets. One of the major benefits of getting a cushion-cut diamond ring is that it is affordable in price. Moreover, this diamond cut and shape make the center stone look more beautiful and sparkling.

4. Marquise Cut

The next beautiful diamond cut is a marquise cut. It gives a rich feel to any diamond ring or pendant. This cut comes with pointed ends and curved sides with a silhouette. This diamond cut looks like a football.

The long shape of marquise-cut diamond rings fits on the size of any finger. It also looks royal and nice on the ring. However, you must take care of a ring having a marquise cut. Sharp cuts might break due to force or any other item while working on laptops. It is also easy to clean these rings with a simple cotton cloth or sponge.

5. Oval Cuts

Oval cuts were popular a few years back. But now, this cut has again made a comeback in diamond rings. Many celebrities have made oval diamond cuts famous among common people. Oval cuts are similar to marquise cuts and have rounded tips.

Oval cuts enhance the appearance of stone on your finger. They also look brighter and better than round cuts. You can go for several styles of diamond rings when you want an oval-shaped ring. Oval cuts suit any skin color. Moreover, you can pick thick bands with colorful stones in oval-cut diamond rings.

6. Emerald Cuts

Emerald cuts have a rectangular shape and cropped corners. These cuts look aesthetic and beautify any diamond jewelry. Apart from that, the emerald cuts also make diamonds look clear and shiny.

One of the major benefits of emerald cut is that it makes your fingers look longer and more beautiful. However, the emerald cut might not give a shiny effect on the ring like that of round or oval cuts.

7. Pear Shapes

The list of diamond cuts is not finished without the mention of the pear shape in it. Although this cut was not popular for many years, it is still loved by many young brides. Blue Nile, Angara, and some of the world’s best brands choose pear cuts in their rings.

If you love a vintage look in your diamond ring, choose Pear cut diamond rings. You can choose the cut that suits the size of your finger. Brides with slim fingers must go with slim pears and thick fingers must go for round pears.

You can also look at various pear shapes in jewelry stores to get a better idea. Even jewelry designers will help to find the best shape that goes with your finger.

Final Words

This is the list of the most popular cuts and shapes that you can choose for diamond rings, bracelets, and earrings. These cuts can also suit any colorful gem jewelry. If you want a creative arrangement for your diamond jewelry, ask your jeweler to give you a catalog of various designs in diamond jewelry.