Have you ever seen Japanese Pink films? They are fascinating because of their unique style:

  • blurring the “most intimate” parts of the human actors
  • too vivid scenes come very often (considering the first restriction, though)
  • insane plot lines, which are sometimes not just bizarre but even repulsive to ‘touchy’ audiences
  • very frequent rate of copulation – in one-hour Japanese Grindhouse films, there are usually from 10 to 15 such scenes (roughly, once every 5 minutes)
  • intertwining traditional Japanese culture, architecture, and morality into the scenery and plot.

When a viewer watches Japanese Pink movies with English subtitles, he or she simply cannot withdraw their gaze, completely thrilled with the genuineness of the unfolding action. What’s more fun — nearly all Japanese Pink films with English subtitles are shot for insanely low budget, from 20 to 30 thousand US dollars (although there are exceptions).

Let’s explore what makes Japanese erotic movies with English subtitles so outstanding that most specialists do not think similar visual genres exist in other countries.

Treatment To Nudity In Japanese Society

For over two thousand and six hundred years of official Japanese history, displaying nudity was generally not condemned by its society. The reason is that they have a religion that believes that everything natural mustn’t be condemned or punished (unless it is not an undesirable offensive action towards someone that is punishable according to the law of morality). That means that if people and other natural beings make love and show nakedness — that must be normal.

So many images were created in Japan to depict nudity in its explicitness, as well as many written stories containing such. What was (and is) condemned by other nations, though, is that Japanese people also very freely treat the depiction of nudity and intercourse with minors (and hence, also allowing their weddings) — approximately from 13, 11, or in some cases, even 8 or 9 (the age changed throughout the history). Even today, Japan has the lowest (among the developed countries) age of consent — 13.

Things significantly changed during 1945-1952. When Japan lost WWII with the bloc of other countries, the allied forces occupying and ruling the country instilled in the heads of the locals that involving minors in the “adult content” pieces of oeuvre and the public display was wrong. The same, the wrong thing was to explicitly show the “private parts” of adults, no matter what.

When the allied forces left, the Japanese government already had the ban on the exposure of those parts and was not going to lift the ban ever since (until the summer of 2022). That led to interesting consequences for the entire media industry.

Legal Restrictions On Japanese Erotic Movies

One of the most effective reasons why in Japan today, there is so much “vivid content” (to say least) is that the millennia-old habits of experiencing various forms of eroticism live in people’s minds. Still, they are seriously oppressed by the prohibitions on directly exposing nudity in all public media. The ban is also about production, sale, and distribution. That touches Asian erotic movies with English subtitles, TV shows, printed media, and books. Everything that visual media content is about.

How do these two parts of the societal mind live together? Well, there are intricate solutions to create the pieces of oeuvre within the legal frames and still make content that caters to the minds of the audiences: editing images and videos of Japanese Pink movies and others so they would not directly expose the intimate parts of the human body.

If the creators of Pinku Eiga films and other pieces disobey, they can be legally punished by fines and incarceration.

How The Creators Of Japanese Grindhouse Films With English Subtitles Find The Way

There are such techniques for making Japanese erotic films to avoid fines and imprisonment:

  1. During the production of Pinku Eiga films with English subtitles. To avoid showing the explicitness, the most “interesting” parts of the human anatomy are covered with smartly positioned items. They can be directly on an actor’s body or placed between it and the camera. Those items might be opaque and translucent to various degrees. Also, directors and cameramen play with light, shadow, clothes, and angles of shooting during making the Pinku Eiga movies with English subtitles.
  1. During the post-production of Japanese Grindhouse movies. Here, modern technologies allow utilizing such options as camouflaging, posterization, pixelization, fogging, and blurring. That creates the outcome in the Japanese Grindhouse movies with English subtitles, where the “interesting” parts are not explicitly depicted.

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