The reason why banana improves our blood circulation

The banana is one of those fruits that we have always been encouraged to eat since we were little because it is a rich source of potassium, but it is also capable of regulating our blood circulation.

As we grow, we must take into account certain factors that directly influence our health, such as blood pressure .

Also called blood pressure, it is the situation in which the blood hits the walls of our arteries with force.

This context can lead us to other health problems and we can contract some diseases.

Blood Effect

That is what the banana is for, one of the main foods, whose benefits will result directly in the circulation of our blood through Our organism.

    We find several types of bananas in supermarkets, but the most fascinating thing for our body is to know that they have a large amount of proteins very advantageous. Also lipids.

    The Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) highlights how its composition is rich in carbohydrates, which is why many athletes, elite or amateur, tend to include bananas in their diets.

    It is even common to see football, tennis or other sports players take advantage of the breaks in their matches to have a banana, which is a shot of energy protein extraordinary and natural.

    This fruit has a series of components that help, and as it matures, its conditions change. Especially the starch.

    Starch is a digestible complex carbohydrate (polysaccharide), from the group of glucans, which is converted into simple sugars such as sucrose or glucose.

The banana must be eaten ripe and we should not expect the starch to do its job turning it into a more greenish color, where its digestion it is more difficult than if it is yellow.

Favors the intestinal tract

Likewise, we can find this small, dwarf, large banana, the famous Canarian banana, the male, red and giant banana, depending on its characteristics. So there are many types.

If we get one, we should know that it does not only have potassium. Magnesium and phosphorus are other properties offered by this fruit that help blood circulation.

Another of the great reasons why we should regularly include bananas is how it benefits our intestinal transit, helping us to go to the bathroom without any problem.

There are specialists who recommend its consumption when we suffer from diarrhoea, and it is a very simple natural remedy that allows us to nip this problem in the bud.

It also generates favorable substances in favor of our immune system, and although yellow has more sugar than green, this does not mean that it makes you fat.

Many people with diabetes do not fail to include bananas in their eating routines, and they also fight to prevent cancer always hand in hand with a careful diet.