An ibuprofen is not just any medication, due to its effects and its impact on the organism of our body. It is not recommended that we consume it before doing physical exercise.

And it is that we all know that ibuprofen is that chemical compound that is used as antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Likewise, we take ibuprofen for the symptomatic relief of fever, headache, dental pain (odontalgia), muscle pain.

But it happens that normally this type of medication, like paracetamol, we tend to take it lightly on too many occasions.

And that does not have a positive effect on our body. Because sometimes the pain is not only palliated with pills .

Ibuprofen and sport

In the case of sports, as we explained at the beginning, it is not at all recommended to take painkillers preventively in case we later suffer some type of pain.

  • And it is that those who are touched, that is, injured or bruised by some type of wound, prefer prevention rather than cure and that is not always good.
  • However, athletes and people in general overlook a less widespread circumstance on the part of ibuprofen in particular.

    Certainly, ibuprofen is from the family of NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it seeks to repel swelling and excessive pain from injuries .

    But what is scientifically proven is that there are certain inflammations in the body that are not entirely harmful.

    That same tissue inflammation or any kind of misfortune occurs as a natural response mechanism of the human body.

Symptoms and remedies

In general, the uses of ibuprofen that we usually use are the following, always linked to the anti-inflammatory character . First of all, the pain. Which are usually both muscular and bodily injuries in which we may have suffered sprains or other types of breaks.

Fevers also come into play, where we can use paracetamol or other types of medicines, but the ibuprofen also works in this sense.

Other adverse effects that ibuprofen can cause can be stomach problems, with high cardiac risk.

Therefore, it is not at all beneficial that we use ibuprofen if we have some type of previous pathology and go running. Nor ulcers or intestinal injuries of any kind.

On the other hand, if we take ibupirac, we can alter the blood coagulation system, as well as kidney function. As you can see, the gastrointestinal damage that we can cause ourselves directly is greater depending on the problem we have.

That is why it is not convenient for us to exercise after taking this medication, which can clearly be harmful when combined with sports activity.

Neither performance is improved nor future pain is prevented. It should only be taken when there is really some type of inflammation.