The Synergy of SEO and Content Marketing: A Winning Combination

Behind every successful marketing campaign or effort is a mix of critical planning, budgeting, and intentional actions. Of these intentional actions are concepts targeted at improved brand visibility and online reach by driving organic traffic to the brand’s website or page.

To get your website constantly recognised by search engines every time a search relating to your business is entered, it has to be recognised as ticking all the boxes of a search engine’s algorithm metrics. While content marketing is a proven way, SEO-focused content marketing is a much better way to give your brand the sales boost it needs.

The combination of SEO and content marketing is a winning advertising strategy used by any skilled ecommerce marketing agency, as either of both standing alone as a marketing method can be limited in its results.

Therefore, here are 3 ways you can synergise SEO and content marketing for a successful digital marketing effort:

  1. Use keywords in the content

Without keyword stuffing your content, you can optimise your content by distributing popular well-researched keywords associated with your brand, product, or service within your content, from the Meta descriptions and title tags to the headings, subheadings, images alt texts, CTA, and sparsely within the body of the content (introduction, body and conclusion). This is to get the required keyword density of about 1%- 2% seamlessly and naturally flowing through your content. 

  1. Use internal links across web content

For easy navigation of your webpage and structural use of your page by users and visitors, link together different related pages of your site within your content using keywords or related phrases as anchor texts. This way, users are not forced to unnecessarily go out of one page to go onto other pages, invariably encouraging them to stay longer on your site and reducing bounce rates. Also, it promotes a wholesome understanding of your content by search engine algorithms, which will promote your page’s visibility on result pages. 

  1. Generate Backlinks for content

Backlinks from high-ranking pages and sites with high domain authority are a way to optimise link building for the benefit of drawing many users and visitors to your webpage and presenting it as credible and authoritative to search engines. 

Such quality inbound links rank high on search engines’ algorithms and will boost your organic search traffic when related searches are made. Your page will be naturally backlinked when you consistently have quality, relevant content. 

As an alternative, liaise with websites and pages relevant to your content for link building, as the major rule of Back-linking is that both sites must be related and relevant to the content marketed. 

Conclusively, excellent content marketing should have all the indicators of high-quality content that provide value to the target audience and promotes the trust of customers in the brand. However, your brand will not guarantee a far-reaching online audience where content is not efficaciously optimised for this purpose using SEO techniques. Therefore, use these two concepts for your e-commerce marketing strategies to give your brand the desired sales boost.