Building a successful business depends on knowing what is available. Whether clients are making purchases in-person or online, the best inventory management software ensures frictionless transactions. But selecting the appropriate equipment for your organization is crucial because the requirements of retail stores or eateries are different from those of a small industrial plant. We went with Zoho as the best CRM software in Dubai, you’re shocked? You shouldn’t be, this software is hands down winning in this game and we’re going to show you why. 

We analyzed  the best CRM solution in UAE based on integrations, industry-specific features, and overall cost, hence another reason we chose Zoho.

Why Should You Manage Your Inventory?

The process of keeping track of all incoming and outgoing supplies and goods is known as inventory management. Almost all companies that produce or sell items maintain an inventory. For instance, business owners might keep retail merchandise in a store or warehouse. The transit of products from warehouses to retailers or sellers must be tracked, and manufacturers require components for assembly.

When Is Inventory Software Necessary?

The two most important times to use inventory software are when tracking many items or selling on various channels. You can save time and have complete visibility into your ordering, shipping, and fulfillment operations by using a cloud-based solution.

A POS system with inventory features may be used in some restaurants or retail establishments. However, manufacturers need software to manage the assembling process, and e-commerce businesses need to update all channels with real-time inventory counts. An eCommerce store owner also needs to think of installing Shopify email popup for engaging customers into playing an online game, winning discount coupon codes and buying from the store, in return for their email addresses. Here, one can take the help of specialists like “Tada” that can easily integrate such Shopify popup apps in an online store.

Due to financial concerns, small business owners are reluctant to invest in inventory management software. But even free services come with useful automation features that can cut down on time and stop lost revenue.

How much is inventory management software?

The majority of inventory software available today is cloud-based and available for a monthly or yearly fee. Software vendors could give yearly payments a 10% discount. While POS systems with inventory capabilities offer tiered plans that offer a wider range of features as you advance to higher levels, standalone inventory tools base prices on the number of orders.

Programs may also have restrictions on the number of users, warehouses, and store locations. Additionally, POS systems charge more when more terminals are added. Systems for managing inventory might cost nothing or up to $300 per month, note that if you decide to go with a Zoho Implementation Partner, the overall pricing might be different. Plans with higher prices serve businesses with large volumes of sales and could include extra features like sophisticated analytics, integration, or automation tools.

We advise hiring Zoho Consulting services as different consultants offer special training courses for various teams within the business and make it possible for staff members to begin using the software much more quickly than if they were to learn it on their own.

Zoho Inventory 

Free software with automated workflows, pre-built connectors, and order fulfillment is available from Zoho Inventory.

Online inventory management tool Zoho Inventory offers both strong free and cost-effective subscription plans. The greatest free choice is Zoho Inventory, which allows you to add items, complete orders, and view inventory from any device. Computers, tablets, and mobile devices can all use this cloud-based program. It is accessible through a web browser as well as Android and iOS apps.

Key features of Zoho Inventory consist of

  • Order things that are out of stock automatically or send order confirmation emails
  • Send buyers real-time status updates
  • Takes care of composites and dropshipping
  • Automatic adjustments to the inventory in real-time across all channels
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) program is included
  • Can accept backorders for items that aren’t in stock
  • Reports on sales, customers, and inventory
  • Capabilities of barcode scanners

Connect your inventory management system to Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Alternately, pick from a wide range of shipping choices, payment processors, and Zoho tools.

Zoho Pricing: The Best CRM Software in Dubai

Free50 orders, 50 shipping labels, 50 monitored shipments, two users, one warehouse, and zero dollars.
500 orders, 1,500 shipping labels, 3 users, 2 warehouses, and 15,000 tracked shipments for $79 per month.
Professional 7,500 orders, 7,500 shipping labels, 5 warehouses, 5 users, and 7500 tracked shipments for $129 per month.
$199 each month gets you 15,000 orders, 15,000 shipping labels, and 15,000 monitored shipments across 7 warehouses and 10 users.
EliteUnlimited orders, unlimited shipping labels, unlimited monitored shipments, 15 warehouses, and 15 users for $299 a month.

How We Selected Zoho as the Best Software for Inventory Management

To name Zoho as the best CRM software for service businesses, we searched through more than 32 businesses. For Zoho to top our list, it had to be reasonably priced for small to medium-sized firms and offer a straightforward user interface. Additionally, we examined features and integrations designed for certain sectors, like manufacturing, retail, and restaurants. We also looked at technologies that help business owners manage the ordering and fulfillment process, as well as customer care choices.


The optimal time to get a CRM for your company is in the initial months of operation. Consult a Zoho implementation partner to assist with team training. Because your staff will learn the new software more quickly thanks to this approach than if they were to learn without a training program in place, you’ll be able to save time and resources.