The Trump Toupee Mystery


The Trump Toupee Mystery

Toupee, Trump

Different celebrities have different hairstyle that makes them outstanding and has a lot of influence over people from all parts of the world. Well, Trump is one of the most powerful men in the world and is not an exception. Trump’s personality made him the talk o town immediately after he made his first public appearance, with numerous memes of him burning up the worldwide internet. His unique hairstyle is among the qualities that made him famous in his appearances. 

Well, you might doubt that just a hairstyle can make you popular, but it already worked for Trump despite his wealthy status. With Donald trump’s hair, the majority of the people found it unusual due to its colour and style, which are attractive. Due to the unique appearance of the yellowish colour on trumps hair, most people believe that it is unreal and are convinced that he wears a wig. Some even think that Trump used a hair transplant to hie his hair thin hence the unique appearance.

Does Trump wear a toupee or not?

The miserly behind Trump’s hair only leaves us in a dilemma as he has occasionally claimed that his hair is real and natural. But does Trump wear a toupee? During trumps campaign, the news about his hair spread very fast, and he decided to address the issue during one of the campaigns. In one of his campaigns, Trump asked for opinions about his hairline publicly, and the lady who checked it agreed to the fact that despite the hair is thin, it was real. 

On another occasion, trumps doctor acknowledge that Trump is suffering from baldness, but he takes Propecia, which is a medical treatment for hair loss. Due to several occasions, Trump was able to prove that his hair is real and he does not wear a toupee. However, due to the different controversies, the Trumps toupee has become a thing. The majority of the people now use the Trump toupee to imitate Donald trump’s looks. To look like Trump and acquire his personality buying the trumps toupee is a must.

Trump toupee on the market

Due to the popularity of the Trump hairstyle, Trump’s toupee has a very large market. There are numerous trump toupees available in the market, and you can easily find them that are readily available  everyone. You can get your favourite Trump toupee online on eBay and Amazon and get it delivered to your doorstep. To dress up like the former head of state Donald trump in cosplay parties, a trump Toupee is a must as it helps you recreate his looks. Below are some of the trump toupees available online ;

  • Funny Donald trump wig for adult kids

This synthetic fibre wig allows adults to role-play Donald trump in plays and parties. This Trump toupee is manufactured with Matte silk fibre, which makes the wig appear to be real. The good thing about this trump toupee is that it has an adjustable base cap that allows sitting to fit any head size.

  • Donald trump wig for adults

This is a simple Halloween costume for those who want to have a simple and fun Donald trump look. This is a perfect trump toupee that comes with an adult-size blonde trump wig with a complete resemblance to Trump’s natural hair. This trump toupee makes you feel like a billionaire.

  • Fairly odd Novelties trumped up the wig, Deluxe.

This is a multipurpose wig that can be worn on any occasion. It is a bright orange trump toupee that allows men to recreate the Trump look. This toupee is a one-size wig which fits most; hence anyone with a regular head size can wear it.

The application of trump toupee

When it comes to the application of Trump, toupee is an easy process that anyone can follow at home without any expertise. Well, if you order the right size of your Trump toupee, the application becomes even more straightforward. Follow the steps below, and you will have that trump loo you desire in a minute;

  • First, identify the different types of trump toupees available.
  • Look at reviews from previous buyers and purchase those with positive reviews.
  • Request for guidance on the best Trump toupees to purchase, more so about the size.
  • After receiving the trump toupee, check whether it fits you.
  • With the help of a spray, tightly wear your wig cap.
  • Always ensure to wear the toupee above your crown.
  • If the Trump toupee does not have a fixing elastic band, you can use hair glue to securely fit the wig.
  • Finally, use a setting spray to set the trump toupee.

How to choose trump toupee

Choosing the best trump toupee is very hard. to find the right trump toupee consider some of these elements;

1. Colour of the hair. The Trump toupee must be an orange-blonde colour so as to depict Donald trump’s natural hair.

2. The Famous Quiff. The Trump toupee you purchase must have a Quiff to resemble that of Trump.

3. The hair texture. Trump’s hair has a fine texture with a low thickness. The Trump toupee that you acquire must have the finest hair texture and a lighter density.


Well, if you want to resemble the looks of Donald Trump, the Trump toupee is crucial. The good thing with the Trump toupee is that it is easy to maintain the wig. The hair toupee can be won by anyone who wants to look like Trump.