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TherapyNotes vs Aprima EMR – A Brief Review

Aprima EMR, TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes assists doctors, and mental health professionals manage administrative and operational chores. A client/patient portal, appointment scheduling, psychotherapy and medication management notes, electronic claims and remittance with ERA payment posting, and patient records management are just a few of the capabilities offered by the program. It is appropriate for solo and group practices of various sizes in psychotherapy, psychiatry, counseling, social work, and other behavioral health disciplines.

Aprima EMR is ideally suited to and widely utilized in a variety of settings, including FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers), homes and palliative care facilities, as well as traditional medical offices. EHR, PM, patient portal, telehealth, prescription, population health, integrated EDI, and many more features are available through the system.

Keep reading to find out what makes TherapyNotes vs Aprima EMR stand out:


Key Features

Client Portal

TherapyNotes Patient Portal resolves several concerns while giving access to your clients. You can use it to manage appointments, take money, and even conduct sessions online, all with ease. You will get relevant reminders in TherapyNotes when your client makes actions in ‘TherapyPortal.’ You can easily manage appointments, accept payments, and even hold sessions online. 

When your client takes action in TherapyPortal, TherapyNotes will send you pertinent reminders. You can give your clients the freedom to control their planned appointments and check the availability of their favorite physicians whenever it suits them. With a single click in TherapyNotesTM, you may accept or reject requests to book, postpone, or cancel sessions.

Psychotherapy Notes 

TherapyNotes is built around solid, sturdy notes that are quick and easy to use. You can quickly fill and organize your notes with the help of our robust, form-based note templates, which are available for treatment plans, progress notes, psychiatric evaluations, and more.

Each note template combines text fields, checkboxes, and dropdown menus to balance rapid use and thorough documentation. To reduce data entry mistakes, details are automatically carried over from the appointment to the memo. With the help of speech-to-text software, you can quickly and easily dictate your notes using our note templates.


Improve accuracy, cut down on phone calls, and save time. Every step of your prescription process, from confirming coverage to responding to refill requests, is computerized and built directly into TherapyNotes. Patient safety is improved by reducing mistakes. Finding the proper prescription is simple when you have access to 24-month medication history, current allergies, drug interactions, and formulary checks.

TherapyNotes Pricing

TherapyNotes cost for private practices is divided into three subscription plans. The Solo plan costs $40 per month for every user and has valuable tools for individual practitioners. The Group plan charges $59 per month for every user and has sufficient tools for 

TherapyNotes Demo 

To fully understand TherapyNotes from different angles, you can request a TherapyNotes software demo through the website.

TherapyNotes Reviews

Based on TherapyNotes reviews, it can be concluded that users like it due to various reasons. It has responsive customer support, maintains electronic remittance advice recordings, and gives users scheduling abilities. 

Aprima EMR

Key Features


Aprima EMR offers a patient-centered, secure information interchange, which aids in improving health satisfaction and effectiveness. Sharing data throughout the healthcare sector and ensuring that it is shown in ways that are user-friendly for clinicians enable doctors and practices to be more productive in their overall result-driven treatment and management.

The platform has a robust interface engine to address the need to share healthcare data among diverse parties. For instance, more than 3.000 interfaces are used by practice management systems, vaccination registries, pathology laboratories, hospitals, and other systems.

Billing and Claims 

The clinic’s billing and claim administration procedures are streamlined by Aprima, allowing you to concentrate on patient care. Modern technologies make it less likely that claims will be rejected, ensuring that you are paid on time.

This system offers features that assist institutions in saving expenses and enhancing net profits. Medical clinics can use the time saved by automated billing and claim handling to increase the number of patients they serve. Users can quickly generate, edit, and monitor claims, which lowers the number of denials. Users may also control the revenue cycle for each claim, including Workers’ Compensation claims and secondary claims.


e-Prescribe function is another crucial aspect of the Aprima EMR. Using its handwriting capability on a tablet PC, you can swiftly and efficiently produce fresh prescriptions and renewals for your patients. You may also ask the pharmacist for a list of a patient’s previously prescribed drugs to see whether any of the ones they’re taking interact with other things they’re taking.

Aprima EMR Pricing 

The Aprima EMR pricing depends on the size of your practice so that individuals and large clinics can equally benefit from the features. 

Aprima EMR Demo 

The Aprima EMR demo entails putting the program to the test in a practical setting. It can aid you in determining whether the EMR Software your medical practice plans to implement is suitable for your operations and will help you improve your workflow.

Aprima EMR Reviews

The Aprima EMR reviews testify that it helps document notes and procedures. It has a simple interface which makes it easier to use. Moreover, it can be used to track medical bills and stay on top of the revenue cycle as well. 

Final Thoughts 

The foundation of Aprima EHR is a single database that offers a comprehensive picture of a patient’s medical history. You don’t need to have several databases or files using this EHR. It offers flexible and bespoke reporting and is ideal for small healthcare businesses. More than 70 different medical disciplines are served by this program for doctors, including urgent care, primary care, and more. 

TherapyNotes EHR offers a patient portal, treatment scheduling, and medical billing. All sizes of practices, including those with numerous locations or doctors who require access outside the office, can use the system.

One of the main differences between Aprima and TherapyNotes is that the former provides customized cost, whereas TherapyNotes provides subscription options.