These are the reasons why a person with diabetes should sleep well

The diabetes and the sleep well have a relationship that unfortunately few pay attention to, mainly because when a diabetic person has an efficient sleep, it has a greater ability to control glucose levels , as well as you can live with more energy and with lower stress levels.

Now, any variation in the levels of glycemia can interfere with the goal of getting a deep sleep and vice versa, since people who suffer type 2 diabetes and who do not rest properly develop a greater resistance to insulin and consequently a lower ability to control blood glucose levels.

When you have diabetes it is also common for what appears to appear is known as obstructive apnea syndrome , as well as it is common for the pain caused by neuropathy to interfere with the ability to to sleep well, turning everything into a cycle in which poor sleep influences diabetes and diabetes makes it impossible to sleep well .

What to do if you have diabetes and cannot sleep well?

The first thing to consider is that it is essential to keep the disease under control, that is, to spend as much time as possible with stable blood glucose levels , since on this depends the ability to prevent sleep disorders or any other complication associated with diabetes.

That said, you can follow a series of tips that can help you have a deep, restful and pleasant sleep that contributes to the overall health of the body

Among these measures or recommendations, the highlights are 10 following:

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1 – Relax before going to sleep

Although for many people this is not an easy task, the first thing people should do is complete any daily activity at least one hour before going to bed.

2- Go to bed at the same time

Another aspect to take into account is that the brain and body get used to a schedule, so a schedule should be established that allows going to bed every night at the same time hour.

3- Do not consume certain products before going to sleep

Coffee, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, sugar and an excess of food can interfere with the process of falling asleep or can cause that the sleep that is achieved is not deep enough as to rest properly.

2022 4- Go to the bathroom before going to sleep and avoid excess fluids

Consuming abundant fluids and not going to the bathroom can make the person feel the need to wake up at dawn to urinate, which interferes with the objective of get a deep sleep.

5- Perform relaxation techniques

Stress is one of the worst enemies at bedtime, so to help reduce stress levels, certain techniques can be put into practice that help to relax the body and the mind, whether practicing deep breathing, yoga positions, or doing an enjoyable read.

6- Ensure the comfort of the room

The first thing that must be regulated in the room is the temperature, since a very cold or very hot room can be a reason for not achieving adequate sleep, in addition to that it must be dark .

7- Turn off all electronic equipment

Devices such as cell phones, computers, television or any other electronic equipment can produce some interruption during the early morning, either because they emit light or some type of sound.

8- Avoid the presence of pets inside the room

This is a very frequent mistake, and unless it is a medical alert dog, the ideal would be to avoid sleeping with pets in the room, as these can interrupt the rest in the room. dawn, especially if you suffer from allergies to these.

9- Control nocturnal blood glucose

This can be one of the most difficult tasks on this list, however, if the correct measures are taken it can be achieved, such as measuring glucose an hour before sleeping, as well How to eat foods recommended by both the doctor and a nutritionist before, and in the case of using an insulin pump, adjust the basal rate.

10 – Consult with the doctor

Medical control must always be strict and frequent, that is why it is always recommended to go to the office both for control and to solve any inconvenience, even if it is a sleep disorder, since that a specialist will always have the best tools to correct or prevent these problems.