These are the signs of having diabetes

diabetes is a disease that can be prevented. People who know this disease are well aware of the concepts of insulin , glycemia, glucose or blood sugar . According to the World Health Organization (WHO) , the 10% of the world population has diabetes.

That is why it is very important to know how to prevent this disease . Health experts point out that the most important thing is to have a healthy lifestyle, doing physical exercise, abandoning a sedentary lifestyle, and having control over food .

Other external elements such as alcohol or tobacco , must also be controlled. In fact, experts say that only 10% of the cases of diabetes cannot be avoided.

In addition, according to official sources, for every person who knows they have diabetes, there is another who has it but without a diagnosis. That is why it is important to know how we can detect if I have diabetes, since it is a silent disease.

Signs that I have diabetes

Experts in the field have drawn up a kind of list where the symptoms or characteristics of people with diabetes are collected. Among them we find:

  • Thirst
  • Blurry vision
  • Fatigue
  • Intense hunger
  • Involuntary weight loss
  • Loss of sensation in the feet
  • Tingling sensation
  • Redness of the face
  • Dry mouth and skin
  • Sickness
  • Vomiting
  • Stomachache
  • Fast and deep breathing

These are some of the symptoms that a person with diabetes may present, so if you present any of these symptoms, do not be alarmed and visit your family doctor, so that they can facilitate a diagnosis.

How do I know if I have diabetes?

Once we know the symptoms or signs that may show that we have diabetes , we will have to take a test to see if I have this disease. A question that is not so easy to answer, but that we are going to develop next.

At the beginning we have indicated that official sources indicate that for each person diagnosed with diabetes there is another who has the disease but has not yet been diagnosed.

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Diabetes is also known as silent disease because its symptoms do not alert those who have it, so it is difficult to know its diagnosis.

In this sense, as the experts point out, there are risk factors that can lead us to have this disease, such as overweight , obesity or sedentary lifestyle . Another value to consider is family history. Although the genetic load is not a determining factor, it is a risk factor.

To find out if a person has diabetes there are different tests that can be carried out. The most used is the fasting glucose level , although specialists emphasize that it is not the most effective.

In fact, experts say that the blood test is the best test to detect diabetes.

In addition to those mentioned, there are other tests to detect if a person has diabetes, such as the real glucose tolerance test or the hemoglobin AC1.