They develop a new non-invasive glucose meter

The new technologies have the purpose of making people's lives easier. In this sense, they are also key in terms of health and help prevent and treat different diseases . This is the case of people with diabetes, who live with the need to regularly control blood glucose levels .

In this sense, traditional devices for monitoring glucose in blood are based on a small prick of the finger obtaining a small blood sample. However, for years, different groups of researchers have been working on a non-invasive alternative.

Now, the Canadian company ' Scanbo ', has managed to develop a device that works by combining non-invasive diagnostic tools with machine learning.

In addition, it is also important to note that another totally independent group of researchers has recently found an alternative molecule that acts in a similar to insulin in the body. This discovery represents a relevant advance in the field of treatment for patients with diabetes .

New non-invasive glucose meter

This new non-invasive blood glucose meter developed by the company ' Scanbo ', aims to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Specifically, the user should only place their hands for 20 seconds on the device, so that the system of it analyzes the necessary medical readings and intelligently calculates the blood glucose level.

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