Thirteen Lives Imdb :- What Are Critics Saying?

This post contains information about Thirteen Lives as well as the Thirteen Lives rating that it has received.

You are invited to witness the amazing true story of a Thai soccer club trapped in a cave during heavy rains. Ron Howard, the director, has brought the story to the forefront with his new film Thirteen Lives, which is 142 minutes long.

The director of Thirteen Lives focuses on telling a cinematic version of the true story of a football team (Thai), who was caught in a cave in a torrential rainstorm in 2018. The film was released worldwide in July. Let’s see the i Thirteen lives Imdb rating.

What’s the IMDb Rating for Thirteen Lives Films?

Ron Howard won an academy award for his film Thirteen Lives. It was released worldwide on 29 July, and Amazon Prime on 5 August 2022. The film shows a rescue mission to Thailand for a soccer team that was trapped underground due to flooding.

This film is a cinematic interpretation of a true story in which the team was trapped inside a cave during a torrential rainstorm in early 2018. The film also discusses the rescue mission that saw skilled drivers save Thirteen Lives and rescue the team from the cave. Sources indicate that the IMDb rating for this movie is 7.8 stars out of 10.

How Thirteen lives Imdb Rated?

Ratings are assigned to every film. Critics and viewers often use the IMDb rating as a way to judge a film’s quality. Many viewers and streamers don’t know how the IMDb rating is determined.

These IMDb ratings are based on the easy numeric votes cast for the film title by streamers and viewers. IMDb reviews are written essays that describe the film’s plot, highlight their favorite and least favourite parts, and offer criticism. These reviews are used to determine the rating. The ratings range from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

The Thirteen Lifes Imdb rating of the film is 7.8 stars out of 10. This means that it is well worth watching. Because of its popularity and story portrayal, positive user ratings and rating, as well as screenplay, it has received a high IMDb rating.

What Are Critics Saying?

We have received many comments and reviews from critics after evaluating the film. The film received a 92% audience rating and 7.8 stars on IMDb. The film received positive reviews from many critics.

While some critics have praised the film’s technical aspects, others feel the film is engaging and gripping. The film lacks suspense, tautness, or attraction has been criticized by many critics. It’s quite dry. The Thirteen Lives rating was lowered to 7.8 stars.


Thirteen Lives, a film about a rescue mission for a soccer team that was trapped in an underground cave during the torrential rainstorms of the early 2018 summer, is now available. Before streaming the film, you can read the feedback and comments of critics and audiences online. You can view the Comments of top critics and viewers’ reviews.

Ron Howard, who directed the film, has won the Oscar award. The Thirteen Lives rating is 7.8 stars based on critics’ and viewers’ reviews.

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