This is how lemon juice benefits blood pressure

The lemon is an acidic food that has many beneficial properties for our body. Whether consumed as a fruit or as a drink, with water or as juice, it serves to stimulate our immune system or lower blood pressure, among other things.

The blood pressure is the tension exerted by the blood that circulates on the walls of the blood vessels and constitutes one of the main signs of life of the health of the heart and Our organism.

Lemon, the perfect food to prevent hypertension

In fact, from the Spanish Heart Foundation they point out that lemon is an antioxidant and cleanser, helping to eliminate stiff blood vessels. In this way, it contributes to preventing hypertension , the main risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

While the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) points out that lemon juice has always been made with hypertension.

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Finally, we must take into account, as specialists emphasize, that lemon is not a miracle remedy. In fact, its consumption must be supplemented with a healthy diet and physical exercise.