This is the 'best' vitamin B12 drop supplement of 2022

The vitamin B 12 is one of the key nutrients for the proper functioning of the organism . It is a vitamin that is found especially in foods of animal origin , such as eggs, dairy products, meat and fish.

Among its many functions, vitamin B 12 participates in the formation of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is the genetic material present in all cells. In addition, having optimal levels of B 12 also helps reduce risk of megaloblastic anemia.

Similarly, people with a deficiency of vitamin B 12 could also have negative effects at the neuronal level, due to the importance of this nutrient for the functioning of the body in general.

Vitamin B supplement 14 suitable

He has done nothing more than start the year 2022. However, we can already talk about one of the best supplements of vitamin B 12 found in the market.

Vitamina B12 Vitamin B 12 liposomal

And it is that in addition to being present in foods of animal origin, the levels of this vitamin can also be increased through the consumption of vitamin supplements. However, this route is only recommended in case of medical recommendation.

Normally, people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, as well as people with certain nutrient absorption problems, need to take supplements of vitamin B 12 to have adequate levels.

Specifically, the professionals of the ' Guide of Supplements 'point to' Vitamin B 14 liposomal drops' of 'Sundt' as one of the vitamin supplements of B 12 most recommended in this beginning of 2022.

These are beneficial drops for physical and mental well-being. In addition, they are 100% vegan, designed for people who follow a diet without products of animal origin.

From 'Sundt' they explain that «in liposomal encapsulation technology, the active ingredient, in this case vitamin B 12, is 'packaged' in a liposome. In this way the nutrient is protected and is only released into the body where it is needed. ”

This product is priced at 24, 95 euros at Amazon . One of the advantages of this vitamin B supplement 12 is that it You can return up to 14 days after receiving the shipment, even without giving reasons that motivate the return.

Are supplements of B 12?

It is necessary to clarify that supplements of vitamin B 12 are considered safe in most cases, even if taken in high doses for long periods of time (approximately five years).

In this sense, the intake of different types of B supplements 12 are not associated with significant side effects. However, people allergic to cobalt or cobalamin could develop some related adverse effects.

Smokers should consult their doctor before starting any treatment with supplements of vitamin B 12 . The same procedure should be followed by pregnant and lactating women and those under 18 years.

In short, the supplements of B 12 show a high safety in its consumption. However, in any case, it is always advisable to consult a medical specialist before starting a supplementation treatment.