Thomas Edison Death Cause, Ex-Wife, Children and Other info

Thomas Edison is a legendary figure in history because of his revolutionary spirit and his groundbreaking scientific contributions. However, much of his life remains mysterious. Especially the death of his family members. This has led to speculation and scrutiny. This article aims to shed some light on Mary Stilwell, Mina Miller and Thomas Edison.

A Glimpse Into Mary Stilwell’s life

Mary Stilwell was introduced to inventions at an early age. Their union was almost instantaneous when they met Edison in his Newark lab. In their 13 years together, the couple had three children: Marion Estelle Thomas Jr. and William Leslie. Mary was popular among Edison’s employees. Her untimely demise, however, was a sad event that was mired in speculation.

Theories surrounding Mary Stilwell’s death

Rumors have spread like wildfire. While the official cause for Mary’s death is “congestion of brain”, it has been determined that the stroke was caused by hemorrhage. Some whispered that Typhoid Fever was the cause of Mary’s death, but new studies by Rutgers University point to a more tragic scenario. Researchers believe that Edison’s accounts and historical documents suggest Mary may have died from a morphine overdose. This was a common condition among opiate addicts of the time.

Mina Miller, Edison’s second wife

Mina Miller became Edison’s spouse two years after Mary’s death, bringing renewed happiness into the inventor’s world. The first time they met, it was because of a mutual friend. This led to 45 years of memories and shared experiences, as well as the birth of Madeleine and Charles. Mina’s foresight in making sure their residence was in her name showed her wisdom, and protected Edison from bankruptcy.

The Later years of Mina Miller

Mina married again in 1931 after Edison’s passing. She found companionship with Edward Everett Hughes whom she knew from Chautauqua. Edward Hughes died in 1940. Their marriage lasted for a long time. Mina met her end seven years after Edward’s death. Official reports state that Mina died of cardiac failure. This marked the end of her life, which was intertwined with the history’s greatest innovator.

What happened to Thomas Edison

Edison’s achievements are unmatched. His genius is unquestionable with inventions such as the phonograph, and improvements to electricity. Edison’s health declined in his later years. This was likely due to a diet high in milk and cigar smoking. Edison died in 1931 after a diabetes induced coma. His legacy, however, was preserved even at his death. A plaster cast of Edison’s face and a vial that captured his last breath are testaments to Edison’s enduring importance.

Thomas Edison is a testament to human innovation, perseverance and spirit. His inventions forever changed society, but his life – and especially the tragic deaths of his two wives – are poignant reminders who this genius was. As we look back on this journey, we are left with many questions.


  1. What happened to Mary Stilwell, Edison’s first wife?
    Answer: Officially from “congestion in the brain,” however, recent research suggests that morphine may have been involved.
  2. Who is Thomas Edison’s second spouse?
    Answer: Edison married Mina Miller in 1886.
  3. How much children did Edison have?
    Answer: Edison has six children, three with Mary Stilwell, and three with Mina Miller.
  4. What is the date of Thomas Edison’s death?
    Thomas Edison died in 1931 after a diabetes-induced state of coma.
  5. Was a unique memento made after Edison’s death?
    Answer: Yes. A plaster cast of Edison’s face was preserved, as well as a vial containing his last breath.