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Throw the perfect party without breaking a sweat

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Do you want to throw the best party ever without breaking a sweat? We might have some suggestions for you!

Since it’s the end of the holidays and you are back at school, it’s good to throw a party to break the ice and begin the new year with a new spirit. We know Pinterest is stuffed with amazing college dorm party ideas, but not all of them are attainable. Therefore, we have come up with suggestions that are practical and cheap. Go through them and throw the party that no one forgets. 

How to get started?

Before deciding on the theme and stuff you want, you need to clear a few things early in the planning process. For instance, you need to figure out what sort of gathering you want. Do you want a grand event or a low-key party with a bunch of close friends? Next, you need to decide on the venue, whether you want to throw the party at your college dorm or somewhere else. Then, who should you invite, just your classmates or friends from the outside? Last but not least, what should be the budget for your party and if you will be ordering from outside or getting pre-cooked items from Amazon? 

Once you answer all these questions, you will be ready to throw an unforgettable party at your dorm. 

College Dorm Party ideas:

After getting done with that, the next step is to decide the theme of your party. Below we have compiled a list of ideas you can easily pull off for your party. 

1. Costume Party:

There is no hard and fast rule that costume parties are only for Halloween. You can throw a cool costume party with your friends on different themes. For instance, you can go for Marvel/DC characters or Met Gala/Red Carpet celebrity looks to spice up your party. No one would mind meeting their favorite celebs dupes at a college dorm party. 

2. Welcome Party:

Even if it’s not the first year of your college, you can still through a welcome party. It would be a nice warm welcome after the holidays. It will help break the ice and begin the new year with new expectations. You can keep a typical welcome party decor by getting welcome banners, some balloons and party poppers. For food, you can opt for on-the-spot delivery or refreshments if you’re strict on a budget. 

3. Karaoke Night:

Call all your friends who love to sing but can’t sing. Throwing a karaoke party would be fun and cost a bare minimum. All you need is a screen (TV) and a Karaoke system. It will be a plus point if any of your friends already have it. 

Note: Don’t go too loud that you wake up the entire dorm. 

4. Game Night:

Are your friends fond of board games? If so, why not have a fun game night? Imagine all your friends fake betting on games and then acting like a billionaire after winning a game. Apart from that, you can do Pictionary, musical chairs, truth or dare etc. and set a prize as well for the winners. 

5. Pajama Party:

Have you heard of Pajama Party? It’s a kind of a theme party where the guests have to come for a night’s stay wearing their Pajamas. You can make DIY photo booths, build a pillow fort, do manicure pedicures (if it’s an all-girls party), play board games, do nail arts etc.  

6. Ugly Sweaters Party:

Everyone has that ugly sweater they have been avoiding wearing forever. Throw an ugly sweater party and ask your guests to wear their least favorite sweaters. Trust us. It’s going to be so much fun. You can also add a little twist to it like, whoever wears the worst sweater will get a title and a prize. 

Wrap Up:

Throwing the perfect college dorm party could cost you a fortune if you don’t plan things properly. Preparing a guest list and setting a fixed budget is the foremost step before deciding on a theme. Once you know how much you can spend and how many guests you can accommodate, then only you can throw a memorable party. 

If you take our advice, we suggest you keep the guest list moderate, invest more in DIY decor and get instant food from a convenience store. This will save you money, time and effort that you otherwise would be investing in organizing a big, exuberant party.