Tips For Looking For A Storage Unit In Your Neighborhood

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Whether you’re moving out and need to keep your valuables some place or if you want your house to feel less cluttered, a storage unit can be a huge help. You will not only have a much more enjoyable and relaxing space, but you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. 

Of course, this also means choosing a perfect storage unit for your needs. Here are some tips to help you look for storage units and why they are important. 

They should be insured

While wanting to store your extra items can be ideal for having a clean-looking and decluttered home, some stuff might be costly to replace if damaged or lost in the process. Renting a storage unit will save you money and space in your home. It is an effective way to keep your belongings protected and secured. Whether you’re planning a long trip somewhere or want to stow away your valuables, choose a storage unit that is perfect for your needs. 

But even if it isn’t burglary that keeps you up at night, there can be damage due to fire, lightning, or water damage that can cost you your valuables. Look for professional storage unit companies like Marysville storage units that provide insurance, have policies against hazards, and have top-notch security for your possessions. Some companies also have surveillance cameras and intruder-proof doors installed in the units. 

It should protect against harsh weather

Gone are the days when weather patterns were predictable. Now, as climate change becomes a reality in everyone’s faces, cities experience harsh weather patterns throughout the year. If you have outdoor equipment, RV, or furniture you’ve lovingly collected over the years, you would want to protect it from harsh weather. 

Be it rain or hail. Many storage unit companies have units that help protect items from all such wild weather patterns. They even have backup generators and secure properties where all items are safe. You have easy access to all your belongings and can transport your items to and from the storage unit, especially if they are located within your area. Thus, you can also look into storage units near you for maximum ease. 

Choose according to the items you have

Before looking for a storage unit company, consider all the items you want to keep in storage. This will give you a rough idea of what size of storage unit will work for you. For example, if you’re looking to store your holiday decor for the year, you don’t need a space that’s too big. However, the space requirement is entirely different if you’re renovating your house but don’t want to get rid of certain furniture that holds sentimental value. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is how valuable your items are. If they are antiques or valuable pieces, it is better to rent a bigger space so things stay intact due to contact.

Keep a lookout for specialized storage units or companies that provide this service for items that can incur damage during certain seasons. A great tip is to get two smaller rooms for storage if you have a lot to store. Having a singular large unit packed to the brim will make it difficult to maneuver items to get something out. 

Consider the quality of the units

This may be a no-brainer but carefully inspect the storage buildings. You want to avoid becoming another storage room horror story where all items were damaged because of mold or water. You do not want to walk into a mushroom infestation after a few months of storing something due to humidity.

The benefit of having a storage unit near you is that it allows you to visit the commercial building to inspect if their conditions are according to their claims. Regularly maintained buildings will have a cleaning system and storage facility owners who can answer any questions you have.

When looking for units, try avoiding shipping containers as they are only designed for shorter journeys, so storing something for a lengthy period will only ruin your belongings. If you’re looking for a budget-free option to store something and a shipping container is all you can afford, get a new one. That way, you can prolong the life of your shipping container. Invest in a battery-operated humidity monitor and reduce the moisture with damp sticks. 

Choose a room that is easily accessible

When viewing a storage building, you will come across rooms that go all the way from the top floor to the ground floor. Choosing a room on the ground floor is a smart choice. It eliminates any issues you might face, like a broken lift, climbing stairs, or having your moving company crew find it difficult to take your possessions to and from the storage unit.

However, even if you do end up with a storage unit on the third floor, ask your storage company if they will give you a discount as you’re a long way from the ground floor. You can also negotiate the room you’re given for storage. It can be something other than the one they assign to you. 


Storing away old belongings or things cluttering your home is a great way to refresh your house and breathe a little easier. However, finding a storage company can be a challenge. If you keep the tips mentioned above in mind, there is a higher chance of finding a company that is perfect for you!