Tips for maintaining blood circulation in the feet of a person with diabetes

When you suffer from diabetes the risk of suffering complications or diseases is greater, especially those that affect the correct circulation of blood through the body and especially by the feet, giving rise to a condition known as diabetic foot.

A high level of blood glucose can cause damage to the arteries, which in turn is reflected in a decrease in the speed of the blood, since it becomes thicker , therefore all preventive measures must be taken possible to prevent this from happening.

For this reason, the following article summarizes some basic recommendations for maintain good circulation in diabetic patients , especially in the lower extremities.

How to maintain circulation in the feet of a diabetic?

The first measure to be taken to maintain good circulation when You have diabetes is to keep your blood sugar level under control, which not only helps to avoid circulatory problems, but also helps prevent other types of complications.

However, there are also other recommendations that allow us to achieve these objectives, within them we can mention the following.

To rest

Staying on your feet for a long time is one of the actions that most affects circulation, so it is important that during the day you take breaks to avoid overexertion.

Perform leg exercises

It is always advisable to carry out physical activity daily , especially To contribute to good circulation, however, these exercises must be low-impact and with the authorization of the GP.

Walking on soft surfaces

A very comfortable way to stimulate blood circulation in the feet is to walk barefoot on surfaces that are soft, such as the sand on the beach, the grass or the Earth.

Wear comfortable shoes

Just as a short walk on a field knows that it is a good option, it is also important that the type of footwear used during the day provides sufficient comfort, so It is therefore suggested to use shoes with cushioned soles that reduce the pressure.

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Take lukewarm baths

Warm water is an excellent option to stimulate blood flow throughout the body and especially through the feet, therefore it is recommended, in addition to taking warm baths Keep your feet submerged in a container full of warm water and if possible with relaxing salts for several minutes, as this dilates the blood vessels so that the blood circulates better.

Use therapeutic stockings

Commercially you can get special socks to benefit the blood flow of people with diabetes or those who suffer from any other disease that compromises circulation.

Perform massages

Performing gentle massages on them daily, as it helps to stimulate blood flow, massages that can be done at home without being an expert, although it is possible to go periodically to a specialist to apply more effective massages.

Have healthy lifestyle habits

As always, habits are one of the first things that must be changed, therefore it is important to start eating a balanced and nutritious diet, in addition to putting aside the consumption of substances that are harmful to health, such as alcohol, cigarettes, among others.

Follow the treatment to the letter

And of course it cannot be omitted to mention that you must have a fairly strict discipline when complying with the treatment recommended by the doctor, since it depends on these control blood glucose levels and avoid all complications associated with diabetes.