Tips To Choose the Best Office Wall Colour

When designing an office layout, a lot of aspects need to be taken into account, including the type of business, foot traffic, natural light availability, building age and condition, window size and quantity, and many more. 

Selecting the ideal office wall colour may have a profound impact. Colours may improve productivity and affect mood. Additionally, negative impacts might be caused by the colours used in the workplace. The permissible colour palettes for certain fields vary. Distinct fields have distinct colour scheme acceptance standards.

The colours you choose in your business may have a major influence on how clients view your firm. To make matters even more complicated, the amount of natural light hitting the working area, the layout and the size will all have an impact on the colour combination for office that is being used.

Decision-making is a complicated process that involves many different factors. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of pointers to consider when selecting a wall colour for your business.

8 Tips to Choose the Best Office Wall Colour

1. Consider the Space’s Purpose

Certain colours are more acceptable for some organizations than others. Professional spaces, such as offices and banks, benefit from muted tones such as different shades of grey and white. 

2. Working Style

If your job needs a high level of focus and concentration, choose minimalist and neutral colours with a few indoor plants for a flash of colour. In other circumstances, employ bright colour combinations for the office to help you brainstorm effectively. 

3. Primary Objective

If you work in a creative profession (such as graphic design or the arts), you should use contrasting colours to spark your ideas and inspiration. However, if you work in a more professional industry (such as sales), use colours that are more upbeat and lively. 

4. Evaluate the Natural Light Level in the Room

The colour of your paint will be heavily impacted by light. Depending on the amount of natural light available in specific areas lighter tones can be used, while for other places that are bright with plenty of natural light, darker colours might be suitable. One should therefore also look into the influence of light on the appearance of some colours.

5. Vastu Guidelines

Those who believe strongly in Vastu would do well to be aware of Vastu colour recommendations for their home offices. Hence they say that when some other colours act upon your mind, it is due to their vibrations influenced by the cosmic forces. Don’t forget to choose your office wall colours according to Vastu.

6. Consider Colour Influence

You can pick the most useful colours for your workplace through feng shui, a concept that has been used for many years by the Chinese people. Colours also act psychologically upon employees and visitors according to feng shui. For instance, blue and black are associated with holding space for people doing emotional healing and staying focused. 

7. Be Balanced and Harmonious

Go for neutral, balanced shades to avoid too much boldness in colours. Choose one main colour and up to two additional tones that will provide harmony to the total visual composition.

8. Temperature of the Environment

Consider taking a brighter office wall colour to heat your office, if it’s too cold. Warm it up by using shades of orange, red, and yellow. The best way to cool down the room is by including some orange, red and yellow shades in it.

The Impact of Colour Psychology on Employees’ Moods & Productivity


In that case, green is similar to something that brings just a little bit of nature into the room. Green is the colour associated with harmony and balance. It may provide a refreshing and peaceful environment when applied to office wall design ideas.


Red is the colour to choose when you want to inject a spark of energy and originality. It draws attention and might boost excitement. However, be cautious not to go too far, since too much red may make staff feel tense. Red may elicit feelings of energy and enthusiasm.


A colour associated with refinement and luxury is purple. It can encourage an innovative and creative atmosphere when used as an office wall colour. It has a hint of elegance mixed with a relaxing blue tone. Purple can encourage staff members to think creatively and unconventionally.


Grey is frequently connected to professionalism and stability. It may provide workplace wall decor with a modern, well-organized vibe. This colour is neutral enough to act as a background for more colourful office decorations. 


Putting blue as part of the office wall colours could help create an atmosphere of calmness and concentration. Just like a relaxing wave, it just helps workers release stress and concentrate on what they need to do. Similarly, blue can bring a sense of spaciousness while creating a calming environment for a workplace.


Think of a burst of sunlight onto the walls. Yellow is an active and cheerful tone. It may raise employees’ spirits and enrich the work environment. The walls in yellow just like sunlight to help inspire and maintain people’s interest.


Brown colours are similar to bringing earthy colours indoors. The colour symbolizes steadiness and dependability. When used in workplace wall decor, brown may provide a calming, cosy vibe. It may promote a sense of trust among staff members by making them feel comfortable and safe.


Making the proper decisions when choosing office wall colours may be challenging since there are so many factors to consider. To make sure that you select the ideal colour for office walls, always remember to take into account other elements, such as the function of your office space and the amount of natural light it receives. Additionally, consider how different colour schemes will affect the productivity of your staff.

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