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Tips To Make Sure You Win Your Next Go Kart Race

Australians participating in Go-Kart, Go Karting

Does driving around in a Go Kart give you a thrill? You are not alone. The rush and spin of Go Karting leave people gushing with adrenaline. 

With thousands of Australians participating in Go-Kart races yearly, the glaring question is, “How does one win?”

Everyone wants to be the driver on top of the podium after a long race. 

This article gives you a list of tips to improve your game and be that driver. So, read on to learn how to win your next Go Kart race. 

Be comfortable

Any good driver will tell you that the key to good driving is being comfortable in your vehicle. So, before you start on anything else, ensure that you have complete control over your kart and are comfortable. 

Use the throttle under your seat to adjust it in a way that:

  • You have enough space to sit comfortably
  • Your legs are close to the pedals so you can achieve full throttle
  • You can comfortably control the kart and steer it

Being comfortable in the driving seat automatically boosts your confidence and helps you perform better. 

Don’t be afraid of playing aggressive.

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow driver blocking your path to that podium. So, when you drive, you should not be scared of overtaking. Playing safe never helped anyone win. 

Try the following tricks while you are out there:

  • Master the art of overtaking and leading by a reasonable distance to ensure you win
  • Study the driver ahead of you for a few laps and find out where they are relatively slow
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and overtake them when you find the right opportunity

Overtaking and leading the crowd is essential to winning. Boss your opponents until you cross the finish line!

Go easy and smooth 

When you are in the middle of a Go Kart race, it is easy to get carried away by the rush. But to win, you must stay calm and keep your head in the game. 

Things you should surely remember:

  • The laws of physics bind your kart. So, applying extra pressure or tightening your grip will not make it go faster. Instead, focus on being smooth.
  • Keep your mind relaxed, and do not rage mid-race. Your opponents will lose their calm at some point, which might make the difference between winning and losing. 

Not losing your focus and stressing are crucial to winning. If you take out all your rage on your steering wheel, your wrists will hurt halfway into the second lap. 

Enjoy the race!

Irrespective of the stakes, do not lose sight of the fact that Go Karting is supposed to be a thrilling race. So, be sure to enjoy yourself. When you let go of the stress and focus on enjoying the rush, you stand a much better chance of winning. 

When you lighten up and have fun, you steer away from rash decisions on the race track. 

In a nutshell

Go Karting is an enjoyable but competitive activity. So, before you sign up for your next race, look at these tips and bring out your A game. And of course, have fun!