When playing fish shooting at https://ae888.io/, you should put the experience to use because it isn’t particularly tough to do so; rather, it is quite simple. Additionally, we’ll recommend the following shooting techniques for you.

Avoid aiming at hidden fish

You can view fish that are hidden under moss or rocks at https://ae888.io/ game. The amount of rewards you receive after you destroy a fish will increase from 20% to 30% of the initial reward, according to the AE888‘s rules. Many gamers attempt to fire shots in an effort to catch the fish because the prize is so alluring. But they failed to remember that the fish were extremely elusive and had a very low hit rate. Continuing to fire obstinately during that time merely costs you ammunition; nevertheless, if you are able to fire, it is unlikely that you will have recovered any lost money. Join now at https://ae888.io/.

This fish should only be shot when the following four conditions coincide: when the body is covered in moss and rocks, two-thirds of the body; Little fish on screen and slow swimming.

When the fish appear, shoot them

There are fish that would immediately perish from the table due to the editing style used by AE888. As a result, you make the decision to shoot the fish as soon as you see it just outside the table. Finding the coin is simple if you know how to calculate the likelihood of shooting the fish in this direction. All you have to do is sit down, place more bullets at the table’s corners, and wait for the fish to shoot and find coins. If you are still confusing about the game, please experience yourself at https://ae888.io/da-ga-ae888/ 

Aim with marbles

By using this technique, more bullets will be shot simultaneously at a fish. This implies that after firing a few rounds into the wall, the bullet will bounce back toward the fish. Since the bullet has not yet reached the fish, you then fire additional rounds straight. Due to the simultaneous firing of two lines of bullets at the fish at AE888, a high fatality rate will result. Although this method uses a few more bullets than previous methods, it has shown to be very effective when used in multiplayer battles on the AE888 game.

If you have enough ammo, shoot huge fish

At AE888, only individuals who have a sizable cash reserve should use this strategy. Instead of wasting time shooting small fish like they did at initially when you have a lot of money, shoot huge fish like mermaids, sharks, etc. To quickly take down large fish, use large rounds, often No. 7 bullets. You will receive 100–200 times more money for each large fish that is killed by your guns.

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Fire at the lone fish

When playing AE888 fish game, to avoid wasting ammunition, you should only fire small and medium-sized rounds at solitary swimming fish. Additionally, if everyone fires 3 to 5 shots at the small fish but they are still alive and far away, cease shooting them to save needless coin waste.


The advice provided by AE888 to help you rapidly complete the levels of fish shooting online games and get the desired number of extra points is summarized here. Good luck and have fun!