Top 10 Songs to Learn English with

Are you bored of reading stuffy and boring books to learn English? Well, let’s make it a bit fun and engaging. 

Why not learn English by listening to some cool songs? That surely sounds a lot better. You probably didn’t know but many songs can help you learn English and strengthen your vocabulary and language skills. 

These songs don’t just work in uplifting your mood but also work as your English tutor! Now just how cool is that? Let’s take a look at the top 10 songs to learn English with.

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  1. Wake Me Up – Avicci

Wake Me Up” by late Swedish DJ Avicci is an incredible song in which he talks about his dream and the search for someone who would wake him up when his dream comes to an end. This song has very basic use of grammar which is easily understandable for anyone, especially rookie English speakers. The repetition of words is done perfectly.

  1. Thinking out Loud – Ed Sheeran

“Thinking Out Loud” is Ed Sheeran’s Grammy-winning song about eternal love and togetherness. It has the most amazing lyrics that make the phrase “together till in the end” truly stand out. This song particularly stands out in this article because of its word choice, use of phrases, and tense. Besides, there is a lot of scope for learning wh-words that help a lot while conversing. 

  1. Budapest – George Ezra

“Budapest” by George Ezra explores his attempt of finding love through his love for his home and it is in Budapest. When Ezra was asked about his hit folk-rock song he explained that his city Budapest is his first love, a place to which he is emotionally attached. This song is full of love phrases and words that will not only help you enrich your vocabulary but also help you in your love life. Also, this is a great song to dedicate to a loved one.

  1. Hello – Adele

“Hello” by Adele was her comeback album in 2016 and was undoubtedly a groundbreaking success. The title song of this album “Hello” is about young, lost, and faulty love. It is about a lost love that the lover wants to retrieve and resurrect from the ashes and is guilty of. This incredible pop song is great for developing conversation skills and also communication skills over a device or in real life.

  1. Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

“Someone You Loved” IS Lewis Capaldi’s hit (and heartbreaking in every possible way) alternative pop song that talks about losing love forever in the hand of death. The mourning husband talks about losing his wife forever and how empty, heartbroken, and empty it makes him feel. I know it’s kinda hard to lose a song like this multiple times especially if it’s someone who might relate to this song. But this song is actually great for learning the use of past tense in English which is challenging for any beginner. 

  1. All of Me – John Legend

“All of Me” is a love song that talks about one-sided and partially unrequited love. It’s about a relationship that involves one loving the other unconditionally despite knowing exactly how it will end. This song is one of Legend’s biggest hits. This song shows an incredible choice of words and a groundbreaking edition in the genre of soul music.

  1. Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

“Shallow” is Lady Gaga & her former lover Bradley Copper’s groundbreaking, Academy Award-winning folk-pop music that explores life. It starts with the question of whether or not the life the girl is living is even worth living, it questions the suffocation in our daily, modern days and the hardship that we need to go through to cope with it. This song comes with a wide range of new words that are more than worth adding to your vocabulary.

  1. New Rules – Dua Lipa

“New Rules” by Dua Lipa is arguably the biggest hit of 2017 that established her as a break-out artist. This is a song that tells the story of a girl coming out of a toxic relationship where she is only being used and reused over and over again. So she decides not to play the good girl and to abide by the so-called “rules” anymore and to create a new set of rules for herself. This song shows the perfect use of common abbreviation terms which is a good thing to learn.

  1. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s pop song “Love Yourself” is a breakup song that explores heartbreaking yet soulful stories that revolve around self-love and longing. This song has particularly noticeable uses of tense and abbreviation terms and also it is proudly sung with an accent

10. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Pop Icon Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are” is an award-winning love-song is about a loverboy announcing his love for his girl who is very much in denial of her looks, aura, and presence and lacks the quality of just accepting and loving herself. The loverboy wonderfully describes that she is just perfect the way she is. This song is of the county and afrobeat genre that includes simple words and terms that are great for practicing.


So this ends our list of the top 10 English songs to practice grammar with, we hope this article will be helpful for you to learn and practice English. And also the songs mentioned here are an absolute must to enrich our song knowledge.

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