SEN teachers are unquestionably one of the most underestimated standard-bearers of our society. They not only assist the future generations with finding a purpose in life but also prepare them for the struggles and challenges of a competitive world outside the classroom. They also use different teaching methods and strategies that enable them to deal with the children who are not unique in their ways, learn at their own pace, possessing quick learning capabilities. And also with those who are slow in learning and need more effort to perform better. Moreover, SEN teachers are” one solution for all” to ensure the best learning for all students.

Teaching strategies of SEN teachers predominantly refer to all those general principles, management strategies, and pedagogies they use in a classroom. This way, they can educate students more effectively and efficiently. Based on the educational philosophies of SEN teachers, demographics of the classroom, and subject areas, teaching strategies are determined. It does not only ensure the holistic growth of the students. It improves their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, encourages collaboration, and assists them in developing their decision-making skills.

Keep reading this blog if you want to explore key teaching strategies that can help the students to learn better:-

1.) They do student-dominant discussion:-

Student-centric discussion is one of the best teaching strategies SEN teachers use to assist the students in understanding more topics, concepts, and ideas via collaboration and cooperation. This detailed discussion is not based on SEN teacher salary or any other factor, as it is just for boosting the comprehension skills, confidence level, speaking skills, productivity, listening skills, and implementation skills of the students.

2.) SEN teachers provide opportunities for collaborative learning:-

Special Education teachers use a cooperative learning strategy that focuses on encouraging all the students to teamwork and partnership. They bring together students with several skills so that they can solve problems and complete all the tasks interactively. Moreover, when students work in a team, their different minds generate unique perspectives and viewpoints that assist them in understanding the concepts not only better but also more effectively.

3.) Flipped Classroom learning: An innovative teaching strategy:-

Are you looking for a creative teaching strategy? If so, flipped classroom learning is the most innovative master plan 

that works in contrast to traditional classroom learning. Where teachers introduce students to new concepts and ask them to practice all those concepts as homework in a traditional classroom, on the other hand, in a flipped classroom, students learn the latest concepts in their homes and practice them in school, not only in the form of presentations but also debates and lab experiments. This way, it will not only help the students to increase their engagement but also boosts their analytical skills and self-confidence.

4. They use VAK Teaching: A comprehensive teaching strategy:-

SEN teachers use VAK teaching strategy that focuses on improved learning experiences.VAK stands for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic, and these teachers use mainly three sensory receivers. In the earlier time, students used their senses to learn and understand new concepts. Still, presently, the VAK teaching policy allows students to recognize not only their dominant styles but also their preferred learning styles.

Hopefully, this blog will help you know every little information about SEN teachers’ teaching strategies.