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Top 5 features of Athena EHR and DrChrono EHR!

DrChrono EHR

The EHR systems have taken the world by storm through their life-changing operating system. Let us go one by one and take out some of the best features of Athena EHR and DrChrono EHR. We have separated both for you to read and decide on the better-suited software to go one by one. You can also read Athena EHR features, reviews, and DrChrono EHR features reviews. So let us look below. 

Athena EHR is one of the best cloud-based EHR software to date. It is easy to use. It is the ultimate solution to all the healthcare systems’ problems. It has practice management services and the best built-in tools to combat the hectic administrative work. Yes, that is right. Athena EHR has replaced the old ways of working hours on a medical subject. Now it is within a click of your fingers, and everything is sorted out. Don’t believe us? Check out its features.

Athena EHR Features:

Clinical Workflow:

One of the best features of the superb Athena EHR is its clinical workflow. Healthcare systems have been struggling with the proper functionality, but the functions have become smoother with this feature. Clinical workflow is about streamlining the processes involved in the daily health history of patients, and it provides patients and clinicians with an efficient part that will benefit the flow of work involved in health systems.


Are you worried about forgetting the dates and time? This fantastic feature of Athena EHR solves the problem. It provides users to schedule their meetings with clinicians and vice versa systematically. Remember those times you missed an appointment just because there was no reminder? Yes, now, with this top feature of Athena EHR, you will be given reminders via call, text message, or email. Having the reminders will make your medical journey punctual.


A referral is one top features of Athena EHR software. This feature provided clinicians to refer different doctors to patients. For example, suppose the doctor is a heart surgeon and wants their patient to see a doctor of another specialty. In that case, the doctor will examine the patient’s history and make a referral. It is done by choosing the doctor specifically located in the area of the patient. The patient can then proceed with the referral of their own choice. 

Voice Recognition:

Voice recognition is the unique feature of Athena EHR. A voice recognition feature is introduced to increase efficiency. The function is that it enables people to record a voice note that registers itself as a written note. Its benefit is time-saving. It saves a lot of time that is spent writing the letters; it also helps avoid any mistakes and rules out any fear of displacement of information. 

Patient History:

Gone are the days when saving a file and report used to be a big problem. The patient history feature lets the users have a timeline of all their previous and current details. Medical prescriptions and lab reports are all saved in the patient’s history portal, which allows for a smooth treatment process.

Athena EHR reviews have also been positive. People have highly recommended the software for better medical journey. 

DrChrono EHR:

DrChrono EHR is the new giant in the software industry. It manages the medical practices to ensure the quality of work done in the healthcare systems. The communication standards have been set high by the sublime DrChrono EHR software. From billing to e-prescription, everything is provided by the excellence of this software. Now let us get to its equally mind-blowing features. 

DrChrono EHR Features:


DrChrono EHR has a unique quality of e-prescription. The feature of e-prescription follows a patient history which is kept in mind while prescribing the patients. Therefore, users can easily have access to their prescriptions without any delay. Going around and about for a prescription is no longer required because the e-prescription feature is there to save you.

Appointment Management

Appointment management is one feature to check. The management of appointments is not a hectic task anymore as the software will automatically send reminders for the appointments. It also enables patients and clinicians to customise the appointment schedule to avoid the last-minute hassle. 

Medical Templates:

The customizable medical templates allow you to chart your workflow according to the requirement of your practice. There is no need to have those torn pages anymore; now, the templates can be made and edited and give you a proper timeline of all your processes. 

Mobile EHR:

One of the best features of DrChrono is the Mobile EHR. This feature will enable users to download this software on their phones. So now you can be anywhere, and you can use your mobile phone to operate the system with your phone. 

Integrated Medical Billing:

The integrated billing software is one feature that will save your time by eliminating multiple entries and improving clean claim rates. The elimination also saves human errors. You can enter the patient’s history once, and the data is automatically passed. The management of billing is effortless with the use of DrChrono EHR. 

The DrChrono EHR reviews are fairly positive providing insight given by people. Most people have recommended DrChrono EHR software.

Athena EHR vs DrChrono EHR

Suppose we talk about the comparison of Athena EHR Vs. DrChrono EHR then, there are a few points to be considered. For example, Athena is a cloud-based solution, while DrChrono is an integrated solution. Athena EHR by analysts is rated overall as 88%, while DrChrono is 87%.

While the analysts have given this rating, the users have sensed something different. The overall rating by users of Athena EHR is 76% and for DrChrono is 82%.

Both Athena EHR and DrChrono are suited for the enhanced quality of healthcare systems. They are efficient for the practice management and other functions of daily health activities. Its affordability is another aspect to see and get on with it. The software has proven to be the ultimate solution to all the problems faced by physicians and patients. So, choose your software based on the requirement of your practices.