Top 5 Trustworthy Platforms To Purchase Game Servers

Buy Game servers are an essential component of any game. They are the foundation that allows players to connect, play and communicate with one another. It is important to research the providers before you decide on hosting your server. When comparing different providers and platforms online, you should consider several factors. For example, how much storage do they offer? What kind of hardware does the company use? Are there additional costs for using them?

In this post, we’ve listed five reliable platforms that provide reliable service at reasonable prices:

SSD Nodes is a leading hosting provider offering a range of game server plans. There are servers in many countries and all sizes.

  • Dedicated servers (SSDs).
  • Cloud VPS (VPCs)
  • Hosts in common
  1. SSD Nodes provides a range of game server locations
  2. SSD Nodes provides a range of game server sizes

SSD Nodes plans start at $3 per month and come with unlimited bandwidth so that you never run out. If you are unhappy with your service, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Streamline Servers is a trusted provider of service and a popular choice among gamers. They have been in business since 2013, and they offer a wide range of servers at affordable prices. You can also find discount codes on their website that will help you save even further money.

Streamline Servers has over 40 games available, including CSGO and PUBG. If you don’t want any technical issues associated with running your server, you can order a dedicated server. You can choose from CSGO and PUBG as well as GTA V. All servers hosted by Streamline Servers can be accessed from the United States.

These discount codes can be used to obtain your desired game servers from Streamline Servers.

MCS Hosting, a US-based host company, offers game server plans. There are a number of options available, including the $12/month basic plan and two additional packages: MCS_Pro ($14/month), and MCS Cloud ($22/month).

MCS Hosting offers a free trial for new customers. However, if you want a reliable service with 24/7 support and guaranteed uptime, I recommend one of their paid plans. These higher-end services have a major difference: they offer dedicated IP addresses, not shared ones like Cyberia and X4 Labs. Both of these are great options! ).

MCS Hosting provides a free domain name for every account. MCS Hosting offers 24/7 support and a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with their service within 30 day of signing up.

MCS Hosting has comparable plans to other hosting companies but they aren’t the most affordable. The $12/month basic plan does not include any features and comes with only 1GB storage space. This is significantly less than what most competitors offer. Their paid plans are a good option if you need reliable service with 24/7 support and guaranteed uptime.

DotBlock, a provider of game servers, is based in the United States. Their prices are reasonable and they have a good selection of servers.

They have been in business since 2010, and their customers love their services. They have never been accused of fraud or abuse by customers. This is a testament to their solid track record. To lower the subscription fee, we recommend .

DotBlock’s only negative aspect is its lack of security features such as 2FA authentication and DDOS protection like GameServers4U. However, they offer refunds if the service is not satisfactory after 30 days. This company also offers refunds if there are any issues with their service.

RedBoxServers, a US-based company that provides game servers for all kinds of games, is located in the United States. Their servers are guaranteed to be up and running 99.9% of the time, which is quite impressive for a company that has no physical address other than their server farm.

You can also reach them 24/7 for any questions regarding your game server purchase.

Make sure you invest in a reliable game server provider to make sure your gaming experience is smooth!

There are some things to keep in mind when buying game servers.

  • Do not choose the cheapest option. Although this may seem obvious, many people make the mistake of choosing this option without knowing what they are getting into. You will end up spending more than you should, and your server will not be able to connect as well.
  • Spend some money, but don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you. Make sure to keep your spending limit in mind.
  • You should consider what games will work well in different environments. For example, if you plan to play an offline RPG where players require constant connectivity but very little (such as World of Warcraft), pay attention to the RAM/CPU power required for optimal performance. Otherwise, stick with good old-fashioned internet connections until things become more complicated or demanding due to increased traffic, etc.

Consider how much you are willing to spend on your gaming experience. Do not choose the most expensive option. Although it might seem obvious, many people make the mistake of choosing this option without knowing what they are getting into. You will end up spending more than you should, and your server will not be able to connect as well.


We have listed the top 5 game servers you can buy in 2022. Although this article may seem long and complicated, we hope that you find it helpful.