Top 6 Air Duct Cleaning Methods 

The HVAC system filters out the indoor air and circulates the good-quality hot or cool air throughout the building. The air ducts require thorough cleaning after every 3-5 years as they stop functioning properly after a few years. Accumulation of the debris, dirt and mould doesn’t allow the air ducts to work efficiently. Professional Indoor Air Quality services could be booked by the house or business owners because the experts can clean the ducts with help of suitable methods and products. Here is a list of the top 6 methods that professionals use to clean the air ducts:

  1. Source Removal Method 

Creating negative pressure inside the ducts helps in collecting the dust and dirt that get stuck on the ducts over time. Air-powered cleaning machines are used to clean the ducts in this method. The cleaning device has rotary brushes and whips that help in removing debris. 

  1. Point of Contact Cleaning Method 

It is a budget-friendly method that can be used to clean the air ducts in both residential and commercial places. In this process, a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is used by the experts to remove dust and debris. An agitation device is used simultaneously to loosen up the dirt.  This method is considered safe for the ducts. Because of HEPA filters, the chances of cross-contamination are quite low. 

  1. Steam Air Duct Cleaning 

This is a popular duct cleaning method where steam is used to clean the air ducts. The steam at high pressure and temperature is forced into the ducts. A negative pressure is created in the duct through the vacuum. Within a few hours, the steam dissolves the dirt particles and other debris. Steam is known to disinfect surfaces naturally. The problems such as allergens, viruses and bacteria can be resolved with this method. This is why some professionals choose steam cleaning as a method for duct cleaning. But, this method has a disadvantage. The steam has moisture and it can damage the air ducts. Also, the moisture can’t remove the mould from the ducts. 

  1. Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaning 

This method is also widely used by professionals for duct cleaning. In this process, the air is drawn by the truck mounted vacuum. The hose is attached to the ventilation system. An agitation machine or a rotary brush is inserted into the ventilation system for the collection of loose debris particles. Before a few years, this method was widely accepted for commercial buildings. But, there was a drawback. Sometimes, the vacuum enables the exhaust from the vehicle to mix with the ambient air. Due to the risk of this contamination, some professionals avoid this technique of duct cleaning. 

  1. High Static Pressure Cleaning 

In this method, pressurised air is used to loosen the particles of duct, mould and dirt. This method is extensively used to clean the ducts in commercial buildings. It is a quick and effective method that is preferred by professionals. 

  1. Cryo-Blasting 

This is an advanced, safe and effective technique that professionals are considering these days to clean the air ducts. In this method, dry ice pellets are blasted into the ducts. The compressed air helps in moving the debris and dust particles in a particular direction. It is an easy process but can be a bit expensive. 


There are some advantages and cons of different air duct cleaning methods. This is why you must hire experienced cleaners. They can inspect the ducts and identify the severity of damage that the dust and dirt have caused. They can use the most suitable cleaning method by keeping the material, budget, size of ducts and many other things in mind.