Top Reasons Arthroscopic Surgery is Ideal

Injuries or health conditions affecting joints can significantly impact your overall productivity. Pain, swelling, tenderness, or tingling sensation in the joints can affect how you move, grasp, and hold objects, impacting your ability to manage your daily living activities. Clifton NJ orthopedics treatments are essential as you strive to remain active and productive. Today, arthroscopic surgery is quickly becoming the standard over traditional open surgery. The arthroscopic procedure facilitates effective diagnosis and treatment of hip, shoulder, knee, wrist, elbow, and ankle joint issues following a minimally-invasive approach. Among the top reasons more patients and healthcare providers continue to favor arthroscopic surgery over open surgery include:

Faster procedure

The arthroscopic procedure entails the insertion of a narrow tube attached to a camera through a small cut. The incision size averages the size of a buttonhole, enough to insert the tube and gain a high-definition view of the inside parts of the joint. Leveraging advanced technology enhances accuracy since the video-guided operation is more precise. The minimally invasive procedure is fast and more accurate, averages 30-45 minutes following the extent of the treatment needed. While a general anesthetic may be necessary, such a quick procedure is much more comfortable for the patient and allows the specialist to serve more people.

Fewer risk

Unlike open surgery, arthroscopic procedure only requires a small incision. This means your tissues won’t be significantly disturbed and damaged, reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling. Moreover, since arthroscopic surgery is fast, exposure is minimized, significantly reducing the chances of an infection. The precision further enhances safety, meaning chances of complication are minimal.

Improved function

Arthrofibrosis is among the potential risks of open joint surgery. This is scar formation in response to the trauma of the surgical procedure. The scar can significantly impact the joint’s mobility and cause pain even after addressing the underlying problem, such as injury. Arthroscopic surgery minimizes such risks, improving the chances of full joint function recovery. The arthroscopic approach has made it possible even for injured athletes to regain joint functionality and resume their competitive careers.

Faster recovery

The fast procedure translates to a shorter hospital stay. Moreover, since the wound is a minor incision, the bandage will come off much sooner and be replaced with small sterilized strips with adhesive. The smaller wound doesn’t need considerable care, including multiple hospital check-up trips. Since you won’t experience more pain and swelling, recovery is physically and mentally faster. If physical therapy is necessary, you can do it sooner than you would with open surgery since the small incision takes a shorter period to heal. The quick recovery means you will likely resume your routine faster and more effectively, considering the improved joint functionality.

Joints are complex, making it difficult to diagnose and treat problems, whether caused by trauma or conditions like arthritis. The specialist must account for the muscles, bones, cartilage, synovium, and ligaments, ensuring the procedures do not result in more damage. Arthroscopic procedures facilitate improved precision and safety, allowing you to realize better results. Contact Garden State Pain & Orthopedics for more on the arthroscopic procedure and all your joint health concerns.