Treatments That Can Enhance Your Sexual Health

Sexual health is an essential aspect of your overall health and well-being, and if neglected, it can interfere with your quality of life. It also includes the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and the promotion of reproductive health and access to contraception. Dr. Gonzalez offers various sexual health Miracle Mile treatments for both men and women to ensure they live a fulfilling life.

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involves using synthetic hormones to replace those your body is no longer producing, typically during menopause. As you age, your body undergoes changes that can lead to declining estrogen and progesterone production, resulting in hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. HRT can help to alleviate these symptoms by supplementing your body’s natural hormone levels with synthetic hormones. Estrogen therapy, in particular, can help improve vaginal lubrication, decreasing discomfort during sex. Additionally, HRT can help to alleviate symptoms of menopause that may impact your sexual desire and function.

Low-intensity shockwave therapy

Low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiSWT) is a non-invasive treatment that uses low-energy shockwaves to stimulate blood flow to your penis. This treatment is particularly effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). The shockwaves stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and nerve tissue, leading to improved blood flow to your penis and increased sensitivity. During a LiSWT session, your healthcare provider applies a special gel to the penis, acting as a shockwave conductor. Each session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and requires no anesthesia or downtime.   You may need between six to twelve treatments to see optimal results.

Platelet-rich plasma injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are a novel treatment for various medical conditions, including sexual health concerns. In sexual health, PRP injections address conditions such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Dr. Gonzalez may recommend PRP injections for men struggling with erectile dysfunction and women with vaginal dryness to improve sexual function. While research into PRP therapy for sexual health is still limited, early studies suggest that it may be a promising option if you seek non-invasive, non-surgical treatment options for sexual dysfunction.

Penile dermal fillers

Penile dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic treatment that enhances the appearance and size of your penis. The procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid, or collagen, into the penile tissue to add volume and contour. The results of this treatment are immediate and can last for several months. Penile dermal fillers have gained popularity in recent years as a way to improve sexual confidence and satisfaction for men who are unhappy with the size or appearance of their penis. While penile dermal fillers are primarily used for cosmetic purposes, they can also improve your sexual health. If you are self-conscious about the size or shape of your penis, you may experience anxiety or stress that can affect your sexual performance and relationships. By improving the appearance of your penis, penile dermal fillers can boost self-confidence and help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during sexual activity.

If you have sexual health concerns, call Dr. Gonzalez or schedule an appointment online for diagnosis and treatment.