With the world of fashion constantly evolving and changing, it can be hard for men to keep up with all of the latest trends that come out. However, when it comes to haircuts, there are many trendy options for modern men to choose from. Among the most popular cuts for men, this season are: 

The classic taper fade

With modern men looking for a fresh and stylish look, the classic taper fade haircut is an incredibly popular choice. This versatile style provides a smooth transition from long hair on top to short hair at the bottom, making it easy to achieve the desired look. As the taper fade creates a bit of texture, they add definition to the cut and make it feel more contemporary. Furthermore, this timeless hairstyle works with almost any men’s face shape and can be personalized depending on individual preferences. Whether you want a hard part or sideburns added to your taper fade, this classic style is sure to turn some heads!


For the modern man wanting a bold, edgy look with minimal fuss and maintenance, the buzzcut is it. This daring style is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to some influential figures sporting the new trend. The simple cut allows curls and cowlicks to stay intact while providing plenty of texture. Those looking to stand out can opt for an edgier buzz with some shaven sides or designs etched in the back, creating a truly unique look that will be sure to draw attention. With this drastically trendy cut, you can rock any fashion statement or go casual and military-inspired with confidence.

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Wild mohawk

The wild mohawk is a trendy haircut for the modern man that turns heads. Styled with razor-sharp precision for high impact, this daring hairstyle is sure to awaken your inner rock star. Perfect for making a bold statement, this style pays homage to its punk roots while adapting an edgy and contemporary look. Any man with the right attitude and sense of style can pull off this unforgettable look. Give it a try today, you might just surprise yourself!

Undercut-faux hawk

The undercut-faux hawk has become a popular choice among modern men who want to make a bold style statement. This combination haircut puts an edgy spin on the classic faux hawk by adding a shorter undercut at the sides of the head. The modified style serves as an excellent way for those looking to break away from the traditional look without going overboard. A daring cut with endless possibilities, the undercut-faux hawk can be personalized with gel, mousse, and other styling products to fit any occasion. Whether you seek a sleek and subtle look or something out of the ordinary, this modern hairdo is sure to turn heads in many directions.

Textured crop cut

Fashion for men has definitely advanced to more than just fashion staples such as plain t-shirts and jeans. These days, a fashionable look includes paying attention to details like haircuts. The textured crop cut is one that modern men should consider when looking to switch up their style. It involves keeping the top hair layer quite long while cutting down the sides and back short – complete with a faded look. Texturizing in the top layer works to add movement and depth to the hairstyle, making it look fun yet stylish. To perfect this contemporary look, use a matte or low-shine pomade and build up desired texture and height. For those bold enough, why not try some color? The textured crop cut can take many forms!

Shaggy quiff

Looking for a stylish, modern haircut that sets you apart culturally while providing the trendiest look in town? Look no further than the shaggy quiff! This unique style is classic yet versatile, perfect for the man who cares about his appearance and wants to stay ahead of the curve. The shaggy quiff is characterized by layers of choppy, textured locks around the crown and forehead with a slightly longer length on top. It works with most hair types and textures, allowing any man to make it their own. With this trendy style, no matter what face shape you have or which clothes you wear, you’re sure to look attractive and stylish.

Wavy pompadour

The wavy pompadour is a modern-day twist on a classic look, giving the traditional 1950s pompadour a more 2018 feel. This trendy haircut requires special attention to detail and lots of pomade or wax for styling. After applying the product and running your fingers through the hair for the desired effect, men typically use a blow dryer to finish off the look with added volume and structure. As an old-school style with a young vibe, the wavy pompadour can definitely take any man’s appearance up a notch. Dressing it down or up, this cut will never go out of fashion for the refined modern man.
Whatever the chosen style, with the help of barber scissors, there is always a trendy haircut available to match any man’s personality! From sleek and simple to wild and outrageous, with so many modern trends today it is easy for anyone to find a look that suits them. The right cut can give confidence and appeal with a classic style or make a statement with an experimental one. Finding the perfect cut is an easy way to make sure that any man looks his best.