Trime Wordle  Answers to Wordle 396:

For yesterday’s Wordle 396 puzzle clues and answers, please refer to the Trime Wordle article. Learn more about Wordle and its gameplay.

All wordle lovers, happy morning! Do you still need to solve Wordle 396’s puzzle from yesterday? Do you struggle to figure out the right guess for your puzzle’s solution? We can help you solve your problem. For more information, see the article below.

Wordle has a huge fan base worldwide. People spend a lot of time scrolling the Internet looking for the right word to replace the confusion. We offer hints and solutions for the puzzle caused by the phrase Trime Wordle.

Answers to Wordle 396:

Below is a list of words that will help you find the answer. These words are:

Use the above words to find the Answer. Here are some additional tips:

  • The word begins with “T.”
  • There are two vowels.
  • The meaning of the word lacks interest.

Perhaps Trime or Trite? The silver three-cent coin used in U.S. Wordle 396 is Trime. Many people got confused by Trime and wanted to know if is a Trime Game.

Wordle game

Wordle is an online word game. Once they start playing, players become addicted to the game. New York Times is proud to publish the game for its players. Josh Wardle was a Reddit engineer who developed the game. The game was made available at midnight every night.

Each player is allowed to solve the puzzle in six attempts. To solve the mystery, the player must be able to use their vocabulary. Trite, the five-letter word in yesterday’s puzzle was misunderstood with Trime. Many wordle answers have the same fate Trime Wordle .

Wordle Games.

Let’s learn how to play Wordle. To play a game, you must follow specific rules. These are the rules.

  • Within six attempts, the player must correctly guess the five-letter word.
  • The change in the color of the box guides players.
  • The box’s green color is a sign that you are correct.
  • The yellow color of this box indicates that you are correct but not misplaced.
  • The box’s grey color tells you that something is wrong.

The game helps players to learn new words every day, which builds their vocabulary.

A spinoff from Trime Wordle

Here’s the Wordle spinoff. There are many online games that can replace the Wordle experience. Spelling Bee is the word-game.

  • Spelling Bee is an online game that allows you to spell five letters. The player must solve the puzzle in six attempts. It has a unique arrangement pattern that looks like a hexagonal bee hive. The game is published by New York Times.


We have included the answers and hints for Wordle 396 in this article. Learn more about Wordle and how it works.