Try These 5 Home Remedies for Treating Bed Bugs

Are there any effective home cures for bed bugs? Usually, you should leave bed bug control to the professionals. However, this does not exclude you from taking action while you wait for the bed bug pest controller to arrive. The following procedures may assist you in reducing the bedbug population in your house.

1. Hot water

If you feel that bed bugs have found a home in your bedding, comforters, or even clothing, it’s time to give your belongings a thorough steam-heated wash. To kill bed bugs, it is essential to wash these objects in hot water.   These pests get dehydrated when exposed to strong heat. So, heat treatment is an effective means of eradication. Give your garments and linens an additional dosage of heat by placing them in the dryer. These bed bugs will have very little chance of survival under these conditions.

2. Vacuum

Prioritize vacuuming your foldable mattress, bedding, furnishings, and even the little crevices on your bed frame, wallpaper, and walls. Find a suitable brush and use it to help dislodge any insects and their eggs found on your mattress, pillow, upholstered furniture, and similar things. Take the vacuum bag and secure its contents prior to discarding it. Remember to clean your vacuum when you’re cleaning the house. For more information on best mattresses for your back consult with the team at Chiropedic.

3. Diatomaceous earth

One of the bed bug home remedies is using diatomaceous earth. It is a chemical-free powder that works by dehydrating the bed bugs, thereby killing them. Results could take up to a week to manifest. Use caution when working with diatomaceous earth, as it is easily breathed. It’s better to use a face mask and gloves to prevent this from happening and be sure to wear both. Use only EPA-approved diatomaceous earth for this application.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda is another example of a home remedy for eliminating bed bugs; it dehydrates the insects by removing their moisture. You can apply a thin layer of baking soda in areas where you suspect these pests are residing. Allow the powder to rest for one week before you use your vacuum to remove it. You will have to do this again until there are no remaining insects or eggs.

5. Cayenne pepper

Consider combining cayenne pepper, ginger, and oregano as another home remedy. Although this treatment does not kill bed bugs, the combination of ginger, cayenne, and oregano essential oil can effectively repel them. In addition to other treatments, it can help control these pests. One teaspoon of cayenne pepper, grated ginger, and oregano essential oil is required, along with one cup of water. In a saucepan, mix all the components and boil for 7 minutes. Next, strain it and put it into a spray bottle. If you suspect that a room contains bed bugs, apply the solution to all possible entryways.


It can be frustrating to deal with a bed bug infestation, especially when they continuously return back. Thus, while waiting for an exterminator, you can manage bed bugs and stop any further growth with these remedies.