Tutoring Pay Rate – TutorMe Review

Tutoring pay rates are determined by the type of subject you teach and the experience level of the student. The average hourly rate is about $80. However, the price of tuition can rise if you are teaching a subject that is very difficult. Your price may also depend on the demand in your area and travel time.

TutorMe charges $75 per hour

TutorMe is an online platform that connects students to tutors with expertise in any subject. You can find a tutor in your area by applying online and completing a competency test. Once approved, you can begin working with students as soon as possible. TutorMe requires its tutors to pass a background check and academic evaluation. They must also have access to a webcam or microphone to communicate with students.

The hourly price depends on the tutor’s level of expertise. Some are self-taught experts, while others are trained teachers with years of experience. Experienced tutors charge higher rates than those who are inexperienced. If your child has a learning disability, you should look for a tutor with specialized training in that field.

TutorMe charges $15 per hour

TutorMe is a popular online tutoring company that connects kids with subject-area experts. The company offers assistance in more than 300 subjects. The platform has a wide range of clients, from elementary school students to college students. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, and employs over 15,000 tutors. It also partners with schools and school districts across the United States to provide students with online tutoring. The company has received several awards, including being recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’, and named one of the 2022 “Best Places to Work.”

TutorMe has received mixed reviews from users. While most reviewers have been happy with the platform, the pay structure has some drawbacks. The company has a low minimum payment and requires applicants to claim their positions quickly. Furthermore, TutorMe’s pay is not based on platform revenue, like rival sites Chelsea International and Wyzant.

TutorMe charges $20 per hour

TutorMe is a freelance platform where you can get paid for tutoring students online. The website has more than 300 subjects and allows you to sign up as a tutor without having to meet with prospective clients. The minimum lesson length is five minutes. TutorMe pays through PayPal. Typically, payments are issued on Thursdays, although Federal holidays may delay payments.

Prices vary, so it’s important to look at different packages. Many companies offer a free trial or a reduced price for the first few months. TutorMe offers a free trial period of thirty minutes. Once the trial is over, you can choose a plan that ranges from $69 to $209 per month. When signing up for a plan, it’s important to check whether the service offers flexible scheduling, if any, and if it comes with a money-back guarantee.