uMobix Review Great Tracking App



uMobix Review: Great Tracking App

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With the Internet bringing several hazards to kids’ welfare nowadays days, many parents today are resorting to monitoring applications to keep track of what their kids are doing online. There are several programs available today to assist parents in tracking the activities of juveniles, and one that sticks out among the mass is uMobix.

This is a smartphone app that enables people to monitor the actions of certain mobile phones via an internet control panel. We’ve spent some time with the uMobix application, and this article will go over our impressions of its capabilities and performance.

What Is uMobix Anyway and What Is It For?

uMobix is an Android/iOS parental control app. Parents must first download and run the application on their child’s mobile in order to begin tracking. Clearly, there is an ethical issue regarding whether you ought to feel comfortable tracking your children, so think about the ramifications before using apps like uMobix. Before setting a tracking software on your child’s phone, you should consult with them.

You must first download the uMobix .apk file and then select “Auto Install”. This would automatically disable various security options from Google Play Store, such as “Scan apps with Play Protect”, and enable your phone to run apps from unknown sources. There is also a “manual setup” option, in which uMobix carefully leads you through the procedure, so you do not have to worry.

You must then use your child’s phone to reach the uMobix site and log in using the information supplied. This will redirect you to a page that contains a set of instructions for setting up the app on your child’s phone. The steps are straightforward, so you ought to be able to complete them without difficulty.

Installation of Tools

The app also requires you to approve further rights, such as permitting uMobix to initiate keylogger tracking and, most critically, to begin screen recording. This can be done automatically as well. To escape detection, the tracker can camouflage itself as “Play Services” and even show an icon identical to Google’s own legal Play Services program. However, when the uMobix app is running on the child’s phone, a screen-shifting symbol will appear in the top right corner.

Overall, putting the app onto your child’s phone should be a straightforward process. We were pleasantly surprised at how straightforward it proved to be. We simply followed the instructions and had uMobix in operation in even less than three minutes. Installing this software on your child’s smartphone will not require any extensive technical skills.

Tool Capabilities

All you have to do now that the app is installed on your child’s phone is lay back and wait until they start using it. When you’ve had enough time, go to your desktop or mobile device, launch your browser, and navigate to the uMobix page. To access your dashboard, login with your credentials. This section gives a summary of the data being monitored.

At a glimpse, you will be able to see critical data such as the device’s current position and the most recently visited addresses. This is critical, particularly if your child has gone missing, and uMobix rightfully places it at the top.

Furthermore, when you scroll down the main screen, you will be able to see the most commonly dialed numbers from the phone, the most newly acquired contacts, the most utilized applications, and the number of activities linked with them.


You will discover an additional menu on the right of the screen that you should examine to get a sense of just what your youngster is up to while using a smartphone. Here are some items to investigate:

  • Browser history – You may view all of the links that the target device has opened. Furthermore, these links can be blocked straight from your dashboard.
  • Keylogger – displays all messages entered out from the target device as well as the app from which they were sent.
  • Wi-Fi – Displays all Wi-Fi networks to which the target device is connected and allows you to disable them from the dashboard.
  • Monitoring of video calling applications – If the target device is utilizing video calling programs like Google Duo, you will then be able to see a sequence of screenshots taken throughout the call. Simply navigate to and click on the proper application directory from the left side of the screen.
  • Social app monitoring – uMobix provides precise information about your child’s behavior on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tinder, and other social media platforms. Messages, visited profiles, webpages you like, and other information will be available.
  • App activity – Displays a list of all apps added or removed on the target device, with the option to restrict apps from the dashboard. Likewise, there is a delete option.

Most of the features function as planned. However, if your child’s device is not connected to the Internet, the app will not recognize their position. As a result, you will detect that there is no data when the device is unplugged from the network.

Tool Reliability

Overall, uMobix performs admirably and monitors every movement performed on the smartphone. It won’t miss anything, making it the ideal tool for staying up to date on your child’s internet activity. Furthermore, the app allows you to take action when necessary, such as blocking or deleting unsuitable apps or websites.

Our main concern is that uMobix could be identified by children with more technical understanding. As previously said, the top right corner of the display displays a small icon to switch the screen, making it visible. As a result, it is worthwhile to discuss your plans with them ahead of time.

How to Turn Off Tracking in This Tool?

Have you had it with tracking your child’s device? You checked to make sure they weren’t using their cellphones for things they shouldn’t be (such as gambling at an online casino in Lebanon, which is stringent about not allowing young people to register an account)? It is time to uninstall the uMobix software from the device in question, however, this can be difficult. On some target devices, simply finding the program in the Apps section of Settings and afterward clicking Uninstall may not work (including ours).

Going to “Settings -> Accessibility” and locating the “Play services” option under “Downloaded Apps” fixed the problem for us. We then added the ability to ask uMobix to stop tracking. Then, navigate to your uMobix dashboard and enter settings by touching on your name in the top-right corner and choosing an option. You can disconnect from the gadget by clicking the link below. Select that button.

Tool Price

To access uMobix’s advanced tracking features, you must subscribe to one of the three available premium plans:

  • 1 month (full package) – $49.99
  • 3 months (full package) – $27.99
  • 12 months (full package) – $11.66

All three memberships provide a comprehensive set of possibilities, however, they differ based on the kind of device you would want to monitor. In truth, the iOS version is presently rather limited, with no accessibility to keylogger data, GPS location, a listing of installed programs, browser user behavior, and other features. This is something you should be aware of before joining up for uMobix, so review the entire list (you will be asked to select the type of device you want to track after adding your email).

Final Thoughts

If you want to monitor an Android device, uMobix can provide you with the information you need. The capabilities for iOS are less, but you can still access important information like text messages, call records, Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger statistics, and online status, in general. It may be sufficient depending on your need.

We choose uMobix because it is simple to set up and can offer an unprecedented amount of data immediately to your dashboard. You have complete control over which applications and services are appropriate to use. According to our testing, the majority of the material is correct. On the other side, we did not enjoy how difficult it is to remove the uMobix application from the target device. Altogether, uMobix has presented us with a solid experience that may easily provide parents with peace of mind.