Undeniable Benefits of Setting a Timer and How It Enhances Your Productivity


Undeniable Benefits of Setting a Timer and How It Enhances Your Productivity

When your bedtime alarm clock buzzes, you put it at snooze to continue sleeping. The alarm will go off again and again, forcing you to wake up and hit your gym. At the gym room, you hop onto the treadmill, set a timer, and workout intensely. After having a cold shower, to rush to the kitchen and set a breakfast timer, waiting for it to ding. As soon as that happens, you enjoy your breakfast. 

When leaving for work with a taxi, you set another timer reminding you of the duration the taxi driving will take to get to you. Unfortunately, you don’t continue with the trend of setting a timer when at work. This is the key reason why people fail to achieve their productivity goals. Going through this article will enable you to learn why setting a timer at work will enhance your productivity:

It Keeps You Committed

It seems challenging to stay committed to a single task, especially when you are fond of handling multiple tasks at once. Due to that, setting a 5 minute timer will keep you committed to one task and doesn’t allow you to lose focus. As a result, you will be able to complete that task faster. For instance, you may set a 50-minute timer and dedicate the entire time to a single task completed most simply.

Avoid Distractions

 Various distractions may keep you off your target. This may involve things such as:

  • Email
  • phone calls
  • Social media
  • colleagues
  • Notifications
  • Blabbering
  • Browsing the web

These distractions are considered the greatest killer of productivity at work. They tend to put a great dent in your productivity. However, when you set a timer, you may keep all these distractions at bay. As the clock continues to tickle, you don’t focus on the distractions and are most probably laser-focused on the task ahead.

Never Multitasking

Many individuals prefer multitasking. Whether your work’s nature pushes you to multitask, the outcome is the same: poor productivity. Multitasking is considered one of the things that you must stop when you intend to achieve your goals. An individual’s brain is not designed to switch tasks in between. Therefore, when you switch, it takes quite some time to focus from one single task to another. However, when you set a timer, it implies you are focusing on a single task at a time.

Enhances Discipline at Work

With a lot of tasks to work on daily, people try to opt to “move fast and break things’. This strategy may work in some cases. But it is not guaranteed. One specific disadvantage of this strategy is that you might end up creating a lot of mess. All the mess may hamper your productivity in the long run. You may have challenges finding important documents or items due to the mess you created.

Make Breaks Meaningful

When you are tired and want some time off, it helps to take a break, but make sure you set a timer. This may prevent your breaks from taking unnecessarily long. Besides, you can use the break time more carefully when you know you have considerable free time. As a result, you begin to value every minute of your break and spend it on meaningful activities. Keep in mind that setting a 5 minute timer may benefit you greatly regarding work productivity.