Unihockeyshop Reviews :- What’s unihockeyshop.ch all about?

This Unihockeyshop Reviews article shares all details about the site, as well as more information about its value. Keep checking our article to get the most recent updates.

Are you a fan of floorball? Do you want to purchase the floorball stick online? This website will help you to find the right floorball stick. This website offers floorball equipment of the highest quality. This web portal was built in Switzerland.

Today’s Unihockeyshop Reviewarticle will provide detailed information about the website portal as well as details about its worthiness. For more information, please visit our blog.

What’s unihockeyshop.ch all about?

This is a great shopping site. They have a huge selection of floorball sticks. Its sticks are all very attractive. There are many floorball equipment available, including shovels and grips, goalie masks and goalie sets, floorball sticks, gloves, shovels, grips as well as clothing, bags, footwear, clothes, glasses, hair bands, sweatbands and more. Its products are all of high quality. You can also find famous brands such as Unihoc, Salming and Zonefloorball. It is important to know Is Unihockeyshop Legit and if it is a fraud before you shop for its products.

Specifications for unihockeyshop.ch

  • The URL to the website: Unihockeyshop.ch
  • The Domain’s Existence: This webpage was developed on 20/06/2005.
  • The website will cease to exist on: The web portal will end on 20/06/2023.
  • Service for Email: No email account details are accessible on the website.
  • Official address of company: No information is available about the address of the website.
  • Delivery information The order is delivered within 24 hours after placing it, except on Saturday.
  • Free shipping service: There is no information about free shipping.
  • Standard delivery service According to Unihockeyshop Review, there are no details on standard shipping.
  • Call Facility: The web portal does not provide any details about the phone number.
  • Web developer: Marc is the name of Marc.
  • Social Media Logos: Although there are no social media logos on the website, research has revealed that this site does have a Facebook account.
  • Return Details: All orders are eligible for a 7-day return policy.
  • Payment Gateways Twint.

Positive points at unihockeyshop.ch

  • It has chosen to give its founder’s name, which is important.
  • Delivery takes only a few hours.

Negative aspects of unihockeyshop.ch

  • It doesn’t have any logos for social sites on its website.

Is Unihockeyshop legit or a scam portal for shopping?

It is crucial to verify all details about the website and the products before you shop for them. These points will help you understand the legitimacy and credibility of the website.

  • The start of the webpage: This webpage was developed on 20/06/2005.
  • The Trust Score: This trust score is low, at 27%.
  • Content copied percentage: The percentage of duplicate content in is 25%.
  • Discount Percentage: There is no information on the discount.
  • Email Account The email account provided by the website is legitimate.
  • Social platform logos According Unihockeyshop Review, the website does not have any logos for social platforms, but after some research, it appears that there is a Facebook account.
  • Website address: No information is available about the website’s official address.
  • Product exchange: This webpage allows you to exchange your orders.
  • Return Cost: The customer must pay the return costs.
  • Alexa global ranking: This website has an Alexa global ranking of #6562609.
  • Cancellation Method: There is no information available about the order cancellation process.
  • Information about refunds: This provides a customer with a way to get refunded.
  • Terms and Conditions: There are separate terms pages.

Unihockeyshop Reviews:

This website has no reviews from customers about its products on its website portal. This webpage ranks #6562609 in Alexa’s global rankings. The website can be found on social media platforms. Positive reviews are also available on online platforms. These buyers should follow the Get your money back from PayPal if you are scammed


It offers a great experience on the web portal. It has many customers who are interested in its products. The trust score for the portal is low.