Victim Travis the Chimp :- Travis the Monkey Victim Face.

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Information about the Victim of the Chimp.

Scrolling through the Travis details will take you to Travis’s owner. The attack almost took her face off in 2009.

The incident shocked netizens, as 80% of the friend’s faces were destroyed. She is currently recovering and shares her experiences and journey via the internet.

Travis the Monkey Victim Face

The attack also has led to increased interest in exotic animal ownership. Under the victim’s name tag, Travis’ friend is being circulated with his story. Nash is the friend of Travis’ owner and, as we’ve already said, she’s still recovering from it all.

Travis was adopted by his owner as a human infant and raised as such. He has been featured in numerous advertisements, which is one reason for the popularity of the chimp. After Travis’s appearance on TV, Nash visited Travis and violently attacked him.

Victim Travis the Chimp Details about the Incident:

We have already said that Nash visited Travis following his advertisement. She was attacked by her neighbours and her owner. The owner also shouted at her that the animal was eating them. They immediately dialed 911 and begged police to arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

Charla was placed under police investigation after 911 arrived. Sandra, Charla’s owner, told officers that Travis had attacked Charla and tried to kill her. Charla survived, but she is still suffering from injuries to her face and hands. This led to Travis the Monkey Victim Face.

Information about Injuries:

Some readers may want to know more about the injuries. Travis brutally broke Nash’s face bones, wentuged her eyes and tore off her eyelids and jaws. After the attack by an ape, she had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Final Verdict:

According to internet research, 13 years have passed since the Travis’-Nah accident. However, the topic is still hot. Recent images of the attacker have been shared, which has led to widespread hype about the incident. This was in 2009, when a chimpanzee attacked her friend. This led to Victim Travis hype.

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