This article discusses and attempts to discover the legitimate part, and provides a formal report on this website.

Are you interested in converting the YouTube video to “PDF” format? Do you want to be excited about the possibilities? It is possible. Website claims its system can convert YouTube videos into PDF files.

This platform has been used by many users in India recently. This platform is a huge success and these users are enthusiastic about it all. Many people are unaware of the location of the website. This article will address their concerns and discuss

What do you get from the website?

It is important to learn the service protocol for the website. According to the website’s claim, the site offers the service of converting YouTube videos into PDF format. The website can automatically capture YouTube videos.

Simply copy the YouTube link and paste it in the capture bar. Next, click on the “Start Capture” button. It will then take a while for the file to be converted into PDF. Other Features

Your YouTube link will convert and the website will offer you the option to “Take it down”. This means that your file has been completely restored. Users will now be able to see the “Download PDF File” option. Click on the option to download the file directly into the PDF.

The examination has been completed. We found that the YouTube link was converted into PDF. We also checked the price and rate. The official website does not provide any information about speed or cost. The service should be free, we suppose. Other Elementary Issue

We must verify the legitimacy of the website. It is important to fully understand the website. First, we try to find its valid information via a trusted link. Videoglancer isn’t registered, however, the platform states. Its scores, such as Spam, Phishing, and Malware, are not available.

We found another link after our examination. We didn’t find any positive reviews about the site. Only 35 of 100 trust scores are negative. While we searched on “WHOIS”, the owner’s name was not revealed. doesn’t give us any legitimacy.

What is it that makes the website so popular?

It could be due to many factors. This website provides services and converts YouTube links into PDF format. It is used by millions. It is completely free. This is why so many people use this website. However, many users are worried about the website’s legitimacy.

The Final Thought

We have verified the date of domain creation as per the website research. The website was launched 22 June 2021. This means that the website has been online for 13 months. The website’s expiry date is 22 June 2023. This means will expire within one year.

The website does not have the required data. We have collected the validated data. You can find out more information via this link. Have you used the Videoglancer before? Please comment.